Neaclear for Nutrition Extra Credit

by on February 1st, 2011
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When you think of scams, you normally think of breast enlargers, penis enlargers, and pills that can make you grow taller. To think that you can grow without the use of illegal steroids or things that outweigh the cost to benefit ratio is not common sense. Although a few people do not have this common sense, they also are very desperate for a simple solution to a complex problem. You might have a few students in your nutrition class try and debunk those myths. If herbal methods etc. really worked, everyone would be doing it. I’d rather discuss something involving nutrition, for the skin as it were. The skin is actually a mass of cells that needs to be fed as well. The website I would like to discuss involves a cosmetic products that are marketed to the public. I find that many of the wrinkle-reducers and face cleansers do not really work, and all are made up with the same components at horrifying prices. Neaclear claims to be science-based and physician- backed. While this is not misleading, if you read further into the webpage, the physician backing it up is the one making it, or at least contracting the chemical processes out to a corporation. Could someone say conflict of interest? I almost didn’t do this at first because it is so easy to disprove Neaclear’s claims that it contains liquid oxygen. An internet search of “liquid oxygen” yielded a Harvard safety website that gave some fair information. Liquid oxygen has a critical temperature of -181 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that it is not stable unless it is this cold. Neaclear’s product needs no refrigeration, even to the normal refrigerated temperature of 40 degrees F. The point is oxygen turns to gas at the critical temperature. Therefore, there could be no such thing at normal room temperature. Another interesting fact is that liquid oxygen boils at around -270 degrees Fahrenheit, the opposite of what water does (which is to boil at a higher temperature). The Neaclear website also states that the Earth is slowing losing its oxygen. “300 million years ago the air contained 50% oxygen. Today’s breathable air contains only 18% oxygen.” This was in fact stolen from a New Scientist article debunking Neaclear’s liquid oxygen claims. Essentially speaking, nitrogen is needed with oxygen. 300 million years ago we were not around to breathe this oxygen, so it didn’t and still does not matter how much is in the air… as long as we continue to adapt to the decrease.

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