HTC Wildfire Changed My Life

by on December 21st, 2014
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I am not a technophile. My last phone was a Noikia dinosaur and much to my partner’s disgust, I was content with it. While he was upgrading to an iPhone, I was happy to have a phone that could receive and make calls. I didn’t think there was much more I could ask for.

Sadly, like people, phones are not immortal and the battery on my phone gave up the ghost. When it died in the middle of the night leaving me without an alarm clock for the fourth time, well it was finally time. I gave in and began the hunt for a new phone.

It would stand to reason that in my wake of owning a featureless phone, one might assume I would go for something feature less again. But you got me wrong on that. Sure I wasn’t seeking out the latest thing before but now that I had the opportunity to upgrade properly and buy a smart phone, I wasn’t going to pass it up. In the end, I adopted a HTC Wildfire. Petite enough to fit in my pocket, the Wildfire is a respectable size that you don’t feel like you are talking into a pretend phone.

Internet access on a phone is an amazing feature. I am now up to date on my emails, Facebook and other social networks, even when I am in transit. This has come in handy while on the train or stranded in the airport lounge. This feature gives you independence like never before. Another side perk of the Wildfire’s Internet prowess is that ability to turn the phone into a Wifi Hotspot. This has been a lifesaver when I’ve needed Internet access for my laptop and not been near a wifi signal. Saying I feel spoiled is an understatement.

For someone who is prone to wandering and getting lost, Google maps are worth its weight in gold. I cannot count the number of times I have been able to turn on the GPS and find my way to my destination. My Wildfire even managed to get my carpool to our destination when the satellite navigator failed us.

The camera that comes with the Wildfire is a respectable one. Even though it is dangerous. As an avid photographer, I found that since I bought the Wildfire it was sometimes easy to be lazy and leave my camera at home. Sure phone cameras are a great secret weapon when you are in gigs or somewhere cameras aren’t welcome. But beware and don’t let your camera phone replace the quality of a proper camera for capturing amazing moments.

Applications are a great add-on to the smart phone. I dare to admit that I am able to easily access my facebook chat, Ebay, and even the Edinburgh Fringe Ticket Office via various applications programs. These add an even greater depth to the miracle that is the HTC Wildfire. It has brought a great convenience, and I dare say I feel I cannot be parted from my phone any more then I could be parted from my liver.

Overall, I love my HTC Wildfire Smart Phone. It has become an extension of my ‘pocket essentials.’ I suppose I should shed a tear for the loss of escaping the world, since this phone keeps me in even closet contact then ever before. Still the convenience in this high paced busy world is immeasurable.

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