How to Repair High Heels and Keep Them in Tiptop Shape

by on July 4th, 2013
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Women love wearing them, and men love watching women sashay across the floor in a pair of high heel shoes. The problem is that heels are sensitive creations. They get scuffed, scratched, caught in carpet fibers, even fall off. Use the tips below to keep your shoes well-heeled.

At-Home Heel Repair

Resist the temptation to simply nail a broken heel back into place. In no time, the nail will slide and you’ll be back to square one. Here’s the solution: Get shoe glue from a repair shop. Be sure to read all instructions that come with the glue and use it properly. Cover the heel and exposed nails with the glue. Align the heel with the shoe sole and press the heel back into place. Wipe off the excess glue with a lint-free towel. Use a small tack hammer and tap on the nails from the interior of the shoe. Allow the glue to dry for the length of time indicated with the shoe glue directions.

Replacing Heel Tips

Keep those ultra high stiletto heels ready to wear, even when the tips wear down. Purchase replacement tips from your shoe repair shop and keep them on hand. They’re small and usually made of hard rubber. Take your tack hammer and tap the tips onto the heel nails. Problem solved.

Scuff Marks
Driving and rubbing heels against chair legs can often leave unsightly scuff marks. Here’s a tip that won’t cost a dime. Take your hand and rub them over light scuffs. Your natural body oils will remove the markings. Give hardier scuffs the brushoff by using a neutral polish and a soft shoe brush.

When Suede Heels Get Wet

Don’t let water get the best of heels on your blue (or any color) suede shoes. Let shoes dry completely, then take a soft brush or sponge and swipe across the heel, going in one direction only. Do not rub or go back and forth. This process will restore the nap of the suede.

Create a Heel Repair Kit
Here’s what you need: shoe glue, shoe heel tips, small tack hammer, shoe nails, a soft brush and a lint-free cloth. Most items are inexpensive enough that you can create a kit for home, work, even one to stash in your car.

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