How to Make a Homemade Best Friends Locket Hallowen Costume

by on January 16th, 2015
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When you have a best friend dressing up for Halloween in costumes that go together or are part of a theme can be a lot of fun. This cute “Best Friends” locket makes a great Halloween costume for girls who are “besties”. Not only will both of you look great, everyone at school or the party will know that you are best friends just by looking at your Halloween costumes. The “Best Friends” locket Halloween costume is inexpensive, easy to make and best of all no sewing ability is required.

How to Make a Best Friends Locket Halloween Costume

Materials Needed:

Two large poster boards Silver or gold spray paint Scissors Stapler Pencil Stapler Ribbon Glue Silver or gold glitter Black long sleeve shirts, black pants and black shoes


Spray the front and back of each poster board with your choice of either silver or gold spray paint and allow to dry. Use the pencil to draw a large heart on one of the poster boards. Cut the heart out. Next cut the heart in half using jagged cuts. Use the scissors to poke two holes about 4 inches apart on the top of each heart. Cut four 10″ pieces of ribbon. Thread one piece of ribbon through each hole and tie in a knot to secure it to the poster board. Cut ten 8″x 2″ strips of poster board. Bend each piece of poster board into a circle shape and staple together to make a paper chain. Repeat for the second costume. Set the paper chains aside until you are ready to dress in your best friend locket costumes. Use glue to write half of the words “Best Friends Forever” on each heart. Sprinkle your choice of either silver or gold glitter on the letters you made using the glue and allow to dry.

Putting It All Together

When you and your best friend are ready to dress in your costumes the first thing you both need to do is put on all of the black clothing. Next slide one silver paper chain over one of the ribbons on each heart. Finish by using the ribbons to tie the heart half around each of your necks.


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