Hot Stove: 5 Big Questions for the Cincinnati Reds

by on September 25th, 2010
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Following up on a disappointing 2011 campaign for the Cincinnati Reds, here are 5 Big Questions for the Cincinnati Reds going into 2012.

What to do with the Cuban Missile? For many, this will be moved to the top of the charts. There is much debate on using Chapman and is 105mph fastball in the rotation or in the bullpen. Dusty Baker has suggested that he try his hand as a starter, but with the departure of Coco Cordero the back of the bullpen needs to be steadied. Walt Jockety has made it clear that he does not see Chapman as a setup man in the future. Yonder vs. Joey: What a great problem to have, a guy who has been the National League MVP in 2010 and finished 6th in voting in 2011, or a young gun that gets a small paycheck but brings a big bat to the ballpark. Rumors are flying that the Reds are shopping Yonder Alonso around for pitching, however Votto’s contract expires in two years, and I would not expect to see him in Cincinnati beyond 2013. Who’s on 3rd? Much of the Reds success in 2010 was a result of Scott Rolen’s leadership and play on the field. Rolan is going to be coming off an injury plagued 2011and is two years older. It may be time to look at a new face at the hot corner. Could Kevin Youkilis come home to Cincinnati bringing his lifetime .391 on base percentage and fulfill that leadership role? Or does Rolen repeat his 2010 success? Will Brandon Phillips finish his career as a Red? Phillips has stated publicly that he wants to return to Cincinnati, however he has also stated not to expect a hometown discount to remain. Contract negations have heated up between Phillips and the organization which is good. Cincinnati does not want the distraction of Phillips contract during the season. Will Barry Larking get the call? This should be a no-brainer. The man who was the best player at his position for a decade should have received the call on the first ballot along with Ozzie Smith. However, due to the weak list of HOF nominees this year, Barry should receive the 75% of votes needed.

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