Framed Cloth Headboard

by on March 7th, 2015
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Do you realize how many really ugly pictures there are at places like thrift stores and flea markets? I see them all the time as I shop for bargains. Old, discolored pictures of flowers, sea scenes, or babbling brooks. Most people walk right by them; they’re junk. Well, maybe the pictures themselves are worthless but the frames can often be salvaged. In fact, if you can find some matching frames you can quickly turn them into an unusual and gorgeous headboard. Once the frames are ready the headboard can be made in less than an hour.

Primer and paint the chosen frames and, after that, it doesn’t take much time to finish the headboard, which is hung just like any other set of pictures. Decide on how many frames you will need by measuring the width of the bed. It’s doubtful that you’ll find frames equal to the exact width of the bed. But all you have to do is hang the frames so that there are slight spaces between them, if needed.

Using the frame’s existing cardboard or picture, wrap it in the chosen fabric, using tape to secure it to the backside. If the frame has glass just remove it. Good fabric choices are medium to heavy weights. Cut the fabric to be a little larger than the cardboard or picture.

After all the frames are ready it’s just a matter of hanging them over the bed. The bottoms of the frames should go at least halfway down the thickness of the mattress. You can create different looks by the way you arrange the picture frames. You’ll create a low headboard if you hang a couple of long pictures horizontally. But if you hang several long pictures vertically you make a much taller headboard.

There are so many designs you can do that the possibilities are endless. Put matching fabric in each frame or put coordinating fabric in one or more frames. You can also change the look of the fabric by attaching other things to it. Home improvement stores are full of drawer pulls, wrought iron pieces, tin shapes, and more, that would look great when mounted on one or more of the fabric frames.

When you frame cartoon character fabric – you’ll find it at most any fabric store – you can make a cute headboard for a child. Or, frame plastic tablecloth pieces for an unusual but attractive design. Other things you can frame to make the headboard include wallpaper, shelf liner, denim, gift wrap, and even a sheet. Go on down to the thrift store and choose your frames; you’ll have a new headboard in no time.

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