Finding a Legitimate Work at Home Job

by on December 30th, 2014
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It seems that there is a wide selection of work at home jobs available that include an array of different positions from stuffing envelopes to home assembly of products. These jobs can be found by the multitudes both online and in newspapers. These positions are in high demand because who doesn’t want to set their own hours, not have to travel anywhere in rush hour traffic, and still get a paycheck? The issue is that many of the jobs that are available to work at home turn out to be scams. For example, envelope stuffing typically involves each person to pay a fee to obtain an advertisement that has to be sent to thousands of potential new recruits. Money is earned in the commission for each new person that was recruited to stuff envelopes with this same advertisement. In this way, essentially the only ones to make any profit, is the company itself.

There are some companies that hire people legitimately to stuff envelopes. It is possible to find these businesses if you know what to look for. Most businesses that are scams will have you stuff envelopes with advertisements. More legitimate companies will have you stuff envelopes with more substantial information such as brochures, financial reports, or newsletters. However, this type of work is usually done at the company’s workplace by paid employees. Sometimes companies will hire part-time workers, or let people to work from home as commissioned agents.

Remember that if you do get hired as an agent, you are not an employee of the company as you will be working independently. This means you may have to purchase your own materials as well as pay the postage to mail the envelopes out of your own pocket. There isn’t a guarantee that you will generate any commission from doing this.

There are a lot of scams out there when it comes to those advertised as work at home jobs. If you do decide to give it a try, be sure to do your research and that there are profits to be made.

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