Dream Chasers

by on February 24th, 2011
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Chasing ones dream! Today, most Americans can only envision what they would like to do instead of what they are now doing to make a living. Why are the citizens of the United States being denied the opportunity to pursue their life’s passion and why are we so reluctant to answer when opportunity knocks?

To answer those questions many factors are in play that compound and complicate why the majority of people are caught in a vicious cycle of diminished opportunities. So elusive in reality now, the way things are. We live in a different, difficult, more intense, and faster passed world than it was those many years ago. For most of us just of make it through the day is a monumental achievement, let alone being able to break away from the drudgery of our every day existence to engage in our true calling whether it be a painter, missionary, musician, performer, teacher, or writer.

So many times in our lives opportunities come and in hindsight only then do we realize what could have been. That old saying that “Opportunity Knocks;” well just maybe we should have answered that door and actually stepped through, and found our true calling.

Somewhere the United States has lost sight of what the true meaning of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is all about. Our own government and Corporate American have failed the citizens of the United States. Through their own greed and self gratification they have undermined not only the National Security of the United States but have compromised the economic and financial security of the whole country. In doing so they also have jeopardized the global community’s economic stability.

The way current economic conditions are most Americans are caught up in a whirlwind of existence trying just trying to survive. We don’t have the financial capability or security to break away from our current situation. In most cases our current situation only becomes worse leaving most of us to become so despondent that we loose focus on what really matters. Our dreams and aspirations are just that. We try to find a way out only to find ourselves under a financial and economic tidal wave that keeps pounding down upon us.

A living wage job for every American, in a field of their own choosing has to be the new mandate of all elected officials and of Industry alike. Employment opportunities with real living wages have to become a reality in order for the United States to flourish and prosper. With so many technological innovations today there are many ways to actually achieve this mandate. Education is vital in producing and attaining a thriving and prospering economy that all Americans can partake in. All it takes is for each and every elected official and Corporate America to relinquish their current way of rational and embrace this new wave of change.

No longer can the United States pretend that by implementing new ways to improve existing rationale`such as what is triggering the economic boom in North Dakota will produce the long term financial prosperity for every American. The only way to enable Americans to be able to actually achieve their ambitions, goals, careers and fulfil their dreams is by reforming or transferring today’s rationale` with tomorrow’s. Relying on the premise that the energy that powered the world’s economies of the past 150 years will produce the global economic growth for the next 150 years is a very false assumption.

The world today is on a collision course toward a reality that is too horrific to contemplate if our leaders of industry and government continue on the path denial and apathy. The rational of the yesteryears has no place for the promise of better tomorrows. A critical juncture lies ahead with the democratic process about to be tested. The resolve of the American public is just beginning to surface. The Occupy Wall Street protesters is becoming a catalyst for the transformation of the rationale of the past by our leaders of industry and government toward the realization that the dreams of millions of Americans can be fulfilled with a rational of the future.

The rational of the future is already transforming the reforms being implemented that will transport nations toward that brighter future. The energy of the future is the main source behind the rational of change. By implementing National Economic Reform the United States will be assured of it’s place in leading the world’s economies and solidifying the opportunities that will enable every American to pursue their dream.

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