by on August 1st, 2010
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The Cowboys took care of business. They beat a team they should have beat. If not for a late touchdown by the Seahawks, the score would have better represented the action. The game was never really in doubt. The Cowboys did not play overwhelmingly good, the Seahawks are just that bad. They are two and six for a reason.

The Cowboys have found a running back in DeMarco Murray. 139 yards on 22 carries, nice game for the rookie. He has been the bright spot in the Cowboys offense now for three weeks in a row. Felix Jones may want to get better soon, or he may go the way of Julius Jones. Yes the Cowboys have found their running back, now they need to find a wide receiver, that can catch as good as he talks. Dez Bryant needs to back up what he says with his play, and he just is not doing that.

That defense is as good a defense as Dallas has had in awhile. They held Tavaris Jackson to a 40.4 passer rating, that alone might win ball games. 3 interceptions, and no touchdowns until six minutes left in the game. That is how to keep the pressure off Tony Romo. The defense is helping Romo be able to settle in to some good games. He is not making the mistakes he was earlier this year because the defense is taking the pressure off him.

Miles Austin, hurt again? Was he ever healthy to begin with? Maybe he needs to take it easy, make sure he is well, and then come back. He may have tried to comeback to soon from the last hamstring pull. Dez you really have to shut up and put up, you call for the ball, catch it and hold on to it.

Next week Buffalo, the defense better be ready to carry it again. For now lets just enjoy this win and getting back to 500 for the year at four wins and four losses. DeMarco Murray is making things much better, a Sooner, who would have thought it.

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