Americans Give Back to Americans at Gift Giving Times

by on August 3rd, 2010
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An amazing movie was created, some years back, titled “Pay It Forward”. One little boy took a simple class project and started a movement that reached across the globe. The class was challenged by their teacher, asked, “What would you do to change the world…?” His answer, “If one person completed a simple act of kindness toward three others, then those three people completed a simple act of kindness toward their own three people, and so on, then eventually kindness would end-up reaching everyone world-wide”. One little boy’s idea changed the lives of everyone it touched.

I received an email from a friend yesterday. The original source is someone unknown to me, but it inspired me to share their movement. Though the original idea wasn’t mine, I will use my words to try and do it justice and encourage an idea that sounds extremely worthy to me.

There’s no limit, in America, when it comes to the occasions that are suitable for gift giving. Whether it be birthdays, bridal or baby showers, graduations, Christmas, etc., selfless people give everyday. The question is, “What are we giving”? Is your gift typically a store-bought shirt, watch or boots or are you more of a ‘gift card’ kind of person? OK, now, when you buy those store-bought items, who ends-up profiting from your purchase? Nine times out of ten, it is places like Chine, Taiwan, the Philippines, Korea, etc.

I look around at my local Ma and Pop business; some have already gone under while others verge on the brink. Shouldn’t we be giving back to each other? Shouldn’t we be keeping food on the tables and clothes on the backs of children in our own towns?

The next time a special occasion rises in your life, one that is worthy of giving, consider buying your lady a gift card from your local beauty shop. When the man in your life deserves something special, buy him an oil change from your local Average Joe’s Mechanic Shop. For your teenagers birthday, get their car detailed locally.

The bottom line is… We need Americans to support Americans. We seem to be in a battle for survival these days, in a world where every man is for himself. We have the power to change that. We can keep our hard earned money circulating in the communities that serve us and our families. We are going to buy, we are going to give and we will always ‘need’, so why not buy and give to support the needs of your fellow Americans?

This is one battle we can fight fiercely as long as we all stand united.

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