Alabama vs. LSU: The Sequel

by on September 26th, 2010
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The Godfather and Rocky were excellent examples of how successful a sequel can be and on January 9th you may add Alabama vs. LSU to the list. Some pundits dislike a rematch in college football and I would like to know why? Some may debate the fact that you would have a team that did not win their own conference championship playing for the national championship. So, I ask do you omit the fact that the SEC is by far the most superior conference in all of sports collegiate or professional. In the last five BCS title games the SEC is 5-0 with the average margin of victory being 14 points and 3 of the 5( Ohio St. x2{Big 10},Oklahoma{Big 12},Texas{Big 12},Oregon{Pac 10} opponents failed to score 20 points in their respective games.

I believe that there is enough evidence to support an all SEC title game. Oklahoma St. lost to a unranked Iowa St. team and Stanford lost to USC. Virginia Tech scored only 3 points in their 20 point lose to Clemson. If the mantra” Defense wins championship” is true then there are no better participants than number one versus number two in total defense. The answer to that is #1(TD) Alabama vs. #2(TD) LSU are you surprised, neither am I. The fact that the November 5th meeting was decided in overtime only adds to the argument for a rematch. Both teams are almost identical with a strong defense and a great ground attack. Also, both coaches have won a national title in New Orleans, Nick Saban guided the 2003 LSU team and Les Miles guided the 2007 LSU team. Will this sequel live up to the hype of the original, YES it will.

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