A Legitimate Russian Dating Site? a Simple Test

by on January 23rd, 2011
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When one decides to start searching for Russian or Ukrainian brides online, one should take some care. Many Ukrainian and Russian online dating sites are simply scams trying to lure you in, and then demanding you hand over your money and making promises they cannot keep. Many men can become very emotional and attached easy to women on these sites, so it is important to do a little ground work and checkout the site in Google for any bad history…

If you are serious about finding Ukrainian women for marriage, search out your online agency carefully. One question you should very seriously consider is, how does the site get Russian and Ukrainian women to sign up? If it is just full of blonde super models that look like they have just walked off the catwalk you can be very sure they will be fake women. A legitimate Russian dating site will have a broad mix of women on the site. Legitimate Russian dating sites such as bridesandlovers.com spend a considerable amount of time promoting keywords in the biggest Russian search engine Yandex.ru an easy test is to search a Russian word such as ” Иностранные знакомства” this is Russian for “foreign acquaintances” any legitimate Russian dating sites are likely to be found in the first few pages of search results in Yandex. You can be sure of one thing; all the sites with stunning blondes that look like they have walked of a movie set will not be found in any search results. .

Have a good search through all the profiles on your chosen site, of course it is a well-known fact that Russian and Ukrainian women are amongst the most beautiful in the world, still there are thousands of normal looking women from eastern Europe looking for love and romance, and any legitimate Russian dating site should have a broad selection of women from all ages. An agency that minimizes the process and legalities and focuses in on promises of “beautiful Ukrainian models” may not be the right dating site to choose.

As with anything in life if you use common sense you can very easily find love and romance online.

Best of luck in your ukrainian brides searches.

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