A Budget-Friendly Way to Work with an Odd-Shaped Window

by on February 14th, 2011
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If you’ve got a dome or other odd-shaped window in your home, chances are you’re having difficulty dressing it. Custom rods and treatments are expensive. Besides, you’ve got a fabulous window, don’t cover it up. You should be flaunting it. Let me show you how.

Some of the most beautiful windows can be the hardest to dress. When you have an arched or other rounded shape at the top, a custom treatment might seem to be your only option. However, having a special window treatment made can cost a small fortune. Even worse, most custom treatments cover the entire window. That kind of defeats the purpose. Didn’t you buy that beautiful window to enjoy it?

• Use Decorative Drapery Rods

Here’s a way you can dress your window but still be able to admire its impressive style. Purchase a straight, decorative drapery rod and mount it in front of your window. Position it so that you can see the arch design of the window above the drapery rod. Then use tab top curtains or curtains hanging from drapery rings to keep the assembly open and free-flowing.

If you’re able to keep the curtain panels open to enjoy the view, you’ll get much more light in the room and you’ll be able to see that special window shine. When you need a bit of privacy, you can opt to hang a double rod with a room darkening drape on the back rod and a coordinating curtain on the front rod.

• Hang Simple Fabric Valances

Another alternative is to buy a simple fabric valance for your window treatment. Just like the drapery rod treatment above, simply position and hang the valance so you can see the design of the window above the valance.

• Create Custom Wood Valances

You can also create a valance from wood for your project. A simple u-shaped unit secured to the wall with L-brackets can be a simple solution to dress an odd-shaped window.

You can also add a shelf on top of your wood valance. Set plants or collectables on the shelf and you’ve got a place to show off your favorite pieces.

Check out the arched window treatment posted by Debra Campbell Design on Houzz. It’s a perfect example of how to hang a simple window treatment on a not-so-simple window. Use these budget-friendly design ideas in your home to make your window look beautiful.

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