Valentine’s Day on a Budget

by on December 29th, 2014
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Valentine’s Day is about the romance, but these days, romance costs money. It is easy to buy an expensive gift, spend a large amount on a meal or a take a trip that costs you a paycheck. For most of us, however, we can’t afford such extravagances, so below find some wonderful ways to have a great Valentine’s Day on a budget.

Scavenger Hunt
Just because we aren’t kids anymore, doesn’t mean we don’t like to play games. A scavenger hunt can be a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and your love for each other. Whether it be a sexy scavenger hunt, with frilly lingerie (or cute boxer shorts depending who is creating the hunt) leading up to a bubble bath and an inexpensive bottle of bubbly, or a fun one where the other person has to follow your trail to meet them at a romantic movie with popcorn for dinner, a scavenger is a great way to enjoy Valentine’s and not break the bank.

Make You Own Card – 2012 Style
We have all at some point made the hand printed card. We drew hearts, maybe threw on some sparkles and either wrote a poem or copied a poem we liked inside. Great idea, but we can do more. If you’ve been married a while, and have kids, you can make a card and add photos from your albums, and make a collage. If you can find a photo of you and your loved one as babies, the sentiment will go a long way. You can get fancy and seal it with clear, packing tape or use a laminator. Print out love quotes, which you can find online, and paste them next to the photos or poem or hearts you have on your card. If you still have old magazines around, you can cut out quotes or love words or pictures and paste them on as well. Have fun with it. This is also a great kids craft.

Make a Mix Tape
Well, we don’t make those anymore. Half the people reading this probably don’t even know what a cassette tape is! But, we can burn CD’s! So you can make him or her the greatest mix CD with all his or her favorite songs in one place. You can also make one with songs that you like, that make you think of your significant other. Or, you can make a sexy CD that will get him or her in that certain mood!

Take The Day Off
If you have vacation time and/or are able to take a day off, (if Valentine’s day happens to be during the week), take Valentines Day off together. There’s so much you can do, whether you need to paint a room in the house (put on some fun music, get your favorite coffee or drink and paint away), decide to take a bike ride to your favorite spot (with a picnic lunch) or drive to a town close by you’ve always wanted to explore; having that day together to just hang out is priceless.

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
If this is something available to you in your city or town, this is a special way to spend time together. Nothing makes you closer than helping out others together. Show your love for each other, and other people, by serving food at a soup kitchen, stocking supplies, filling boxes or whatever else the Shelter or Soup Kitchen needs.

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