One Day We Will Be Past This Political Chaos

by on October 9th, 2010
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The days of liberal and conservative fighting are long gone now. An intense restructuring of congress, implemented term limits of 4 years which transformed congressional stints as a service to society rather than a career. Donations to congressional campaign funds, was strictly capped to $ 500,000 for every federal House of Representative or Senate Member, and donations could only come from citizens, not corporations. No longer are unlimited funds channeled into the pockets of self serving politicians.

Eventually society began to wake up and notice the social manipulation that was being projected through the media, which allowed for unfair advantage to be given to the wealthy. Back then, less than one percent of the population was truly wealthy.

Now all Americans are wealthy, and 85 percent are multimillionaires; which had the added benefits of lowering crime, increasing health and longevity; and most of all providing true freedom to come and go as we choose. The epiphany was when it was recognized that achieving multimillionaire status was more that adequate for any one family. Before a mere 400 families controlled 55 percent of America’s wealth, leaving the other 325,000,000 Americans to share the remaining 45 percent.

It was understood that all money above a few million dollars was wasteful for any one family to control. In the old days, trillions of dollars were hidden by the wealthiest one tenth of one percent, and this money would never be infused back into society. The money was simply hoarded and used as infinite leverage to control the banking and federal systems.

We eliminated taxes on everyone under 1 million dollars. Then we began taxing multimillionaires 80 percent. As a business became multimillionaire, they had grown as large as was feasibly possible. This allowed others from the middle class to step up as job creators and share the market potential. The middle class exploded in wealth and prosperity.

Sufficient taxes were collected to rebuild America’s infrastructure, healthcare system, and space exploration; while supplementing the social security’s budget allowing everyone to retire extremely wealthy.

It all boiled down to this. The middle class had to finally wake up and realize that the wealthy had engineered the system with unfair advantage to favor themselves. Once the middle class realized that the freedom to gain excessive funds over multimillion dollar status was simply wasteful and the desire to do so was only motivated by greed; they became enlightened and throttled back the excesses of the mega rich to distribute the wealth in a way that benefited all of humanity.

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