How to Host a Cupcake Decorating Party

by on December 31st, 2010
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Cupcakes are all the rage! Use these trendy treats to bring people together. They are perfect for a birthday party, a fundraiser, housewarming party, get to know you party, church social, boy or girl scouting event, or even a holiday gathering. These fun little cakes are snack sized joy. They bring everyone together and allow people to share different tastes and laughter.

The first step is to figure out a date, location and guest list. For a successful cupcake decorating party it is the more the merrier. Ask everyone to bring a friend! Create invitations with the time, date, place and ask everyone to bring a pre-determined amount of undecorated cupcakes (i.e. 1 dozen, 2 dozen or 3 dozen) of any flavor. Also, ask that each person brings 1 flavor of frosting for each set of cupcakes. Challenge them to bring unique or specialty flavors that might not be tasted by others. Also, ask for everyone to bring at least one cupcake topping such as sprinkles, chocolate shavings, chopped dried fruit or crushed candy. Challenge your guests to be creative and have fun.

As hostess, you need to prepare the space. Decorate it to be fun and festive. Have tablecloths covering the workspace where the cupcakes will be decorated. Gather paper towels and paper plates for use in decorating. Have disposable pastry bags to put the frostings in along with a large selection of decorator tips. In a pinch, you can use a bunch of zip top baggies with the corner cut off along with decorator tips for decorating. It is also a good idea to bake an extra couple dozen cupcakes to join in the fun and make up for anyone that arrives without enough cupcakes. Also, get blank stick on labels to be able to label flavors of cupcakes and frosting as they arrive. Have refreshments such as coffee, tea and soda ready for when the guests arrive. If it is appropriate, you could have wine chilled! As guests arrive

As guests arrive, remove the cupcakes from the plate or box that the guest brought it in and place their cupcakes on the cupcake table. The guest will bring home their decorated cupcakes in their own container. Label their cupcake flavors. Label their frosting and cupcake topping and place it on the decorating table. Allow guests to socialize with beverages until you are ready for the decorating fun to begin. If this is a fundraiser event, collect the funds as an entrance fee.

Now it is decorating time! Each guest can decorate up to the number of cupcakes that he or she brought. Encourage guests to mix and match cupcake, frosting and topping flavors making new and interesting combinations. As the guests decorate the cupcakes, the uneaten cupcakes should be placed back onto the plate or box that the guest brought their original undecorated cupcakes in. Have tin foil and plastic wrap available to re-wrap the top of open containers to protect the decorated cupcakes.

Make it extra fun with little contests during the decorating time! You can give out prizes, print out certificates or just have bragging rights for each category.

Fast Cupcake Decorating contest

Prettiest cupcake

Rose Making contest

Biggest Decorating Disaster cupcake

Tallest Cupcake

Smoothest Cupcake

Most Creative

The most important thing is to have fun!

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