How I Got a (Much) Better Rate on My Auto Insurance

by on March 7th, 2015
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For me, getting a better rate on my auto insurance was actually as easy as making a phone call. I didn’t switch insurance companies to get a better rate on my insurance. I just changed the details associated with my account.

In the recent past, as a twenty-something man, I couldn’t expect to get a good rate on auto insurance. I didn’t even know what a good rate on auto insurance was. I got used to paying over a hundred dollars every month with a $500 deductible.

The only time I got a better rate on my auto insurance policy in my twenties was when I traded in my Volkswagen for a Dodge. I could (and should) have been saving more and I would have done something about my rate, which was far from good, if I had known how much I stood to save.

How much did I save?

My girlfriend opened my eyes when she told me how much she paid every month for her auto insurance. She was getting a better rate on her insurance than I was – by fifty dollars a month – and her car was worth more than mine. Having crossed over the 30-years-old mark, I decided my situation no longer made any sense.

I picked up the phone and called my insurance company. When they asked me the standard question, “How can we help you?” I answered that I wanted to save some money.

I didn’t have to lie or bully anyone. The woman helping me said she’d be happy to see what she could do and, with some minor adjustments to reflect how I use my car, she found a way to save me almost 35% on my insurance bill every month.

Talk about getting a better rate on auto insurance! I went from getting a bad rate to getting a good rate on my car insurance. For me, 35% was about $40 every month, which adds up quickly.

What details did I change?

I’m not an expert on the calculations of insurance policies, but I know that how much you use your car every day and every week can change how much you pay on your insurance.

Having moved recently, I drive fewer miles to work than I used to and even bike sometimes. This lowered car usage is essentially what got me a better rate on my auto insurance policy. If you car pool or work from home sometimes, then you should see if your insurance company can lower your rate too.

Most likely you weren’t overpaying as much as I was. Maybe you’ve already got a good rate on your auto insurance. But, maybe, you can get an even better rate with a phone call and a little tune up on the details of your car usage.

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