Date Ideas for Music Lovers

by on March 8th, 2015
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If you and your significant other are avid lovers of music, incorporating your shared passion is an excellent way to bond and spend meaningful time together. Not only will music-themed dates bring you closer together as a couple, they will allow you to spend time finding new music and furthering your knowledge of genres you love. Here are some romantic and fun date ideas for music lovers to try with your partner.

Karaoke Night

Let loose, have fun, and showcase your vocal abilities by heading out to a karaoke bar in your area for the evening. Pick songs to dedicate to your partner or take turns choosing songs for the other to sing. Karaoke can be an excellent way to overcome fears of singing in public, make new friends, or practice singing together.

Record Shopping

Reserve a day to check out record stores in your area. Head out early and make an effort to visit every store near your home to browse their inventory. You may come across rare records you have been looking for for years or find great deals on vinyl by artists you have never heard before.

Dance Lessons

Even if you have two left feet, taking dance lessons is a romantic way to spend time together and learn some new moves. Enroll in dance classes in a style you are interested in learning, such as swing, ballroom or salsa. This is a great way to have fun, get out, and spend time learning about different styles of music while improving your dance skills and meeting other couples with similar interests.

Instrument Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn piano or guitar? Like dance lessons, taking private lessons together in an instrument is a great way to further your musical talents and learn something new together. You can either attend classes at your local musical arts center together or find a tutor to teach you in your home.

Song Writing Night

Spend a romantic night in together at home working on writing a song. You can either work on writing a song together, or you can each write a different song for the other. This date idea is excellent for allowing you to embrace your creativity and put your love to music.

Recording Date

If you and your significant other are both songwriters capable of playing instruments, reserve some time at a local recording studio and record an album together. Even if you have no intentions of making music a career, it can be fun to spend time in the studio together and you will have your songs on CD to share with your friends and family.


Treat your partner to a date seeing their favorite band live in concert. This is a great way to spend time out of the house and will leave you with countless memories.

Bar Hopping for Bands

Spend a night checking out local bands at nearby bars to discover new bands from your city. This date idea is a fantastic way to discover new music while having fun. You may also get the opportunity to meet with the bands and talk with them about their music.

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