Creative Ways to Add Color to a Bedroom

by on January 25th, 2014
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Color can greatly affect mood, and in the bedroom it should be used to promote rest. However, it should not be void of all color, and it is possible to include warm hues without creating too much drama or excitement. Read on to learn creative ways to add color to a bedroom, and bring it to life instead of putting it to sleep. It can be as stylish and as eye-catching as any room in the home.

Add Color and Design with Framed Fabric

Fabrics can be absolutely beautiful, and some are worthy of a frame and a place on a wall. When seeking creative ways to add hues and patterns to a bedroom decorating scheme, visit the fabric department of a local discount store, or search online for unique patterns, colors and designs. Everything from batiks to old world styles look great when framed, and do not choose just one. To make a bold color statement, select and frame four to six fabric pieces and display them in a grouping. They can make a bare wall look fabulous.

Use Eye-Catching Painted Art to Add Even More

Do you have a preference for painted art? Add color to the bedroom with an eye-catching work of painted art. For example, in a bedroom decorated in pink, black and cream, consider an oversized painting of a pink daisy. A single flower with minimal detail borders on traditional and modern art, and it will work in a bedroom of either style. As the photo shows, it is highly colorful and dramatic, and this will become the focal point of the bedroom.

Use Eye-Catching Window Treatments

Another way to add color to a bedroom is with window treatments. They can be more than functional in a room where total darkness is a requirement. Invest in room-darkening blinds or shades, and top them with color. Select drapes or sheers in bedroom accent colors. If the bedroom is decorated with patterns, opt for solid window treatments. Accessorize with patterns instead of covering large areas to avoid visual chaos and confusion.

Throw Pillows Add Splashes of Color and Texture

A great way to add color to a bedroom is with bedding accessories. Opt for solid bedding, and top it with an array of pillows in varying textures, hues, shapes and designs. Add blocks of color with arrangements, and enjoy the beauty they bring. Items such as pillows are multifunctional, and they will beautifully embellish the bedroom with splashes of color while giving the bed a richer more comfortable appearance.

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