3 Easy Ways to Straighten Hair Without Heat

by on August 22nd, 2010
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Straightening your hair with heat can be rather damaging and time consuming. It is recommended to keep your hair as healthy as possible for strength and length. Also, excessive, every-day-use of heating appliances are known to dry the hair out. When the hair is dried out, it is more prone to breakage and breakage can be nasty and messy. Here are the simple ways to straighten your hair without heat:

1. Rollerset the hair. Rollersetting the hair when it is wet is ideal. Rollersets help stretch the hair over the rollers. When your hair dries, it will take the form of the rollers. When the rollerset is taken down, your hair will have bouncy curls, but over time the curls will fall and the hair will fall straight. Please note that sometimes the roots may not straighten as well. You could take a bristle brush and brush the roots lightly to stretch the hair straighter.

2. Wrap your hair with a scarf. Wrapping the hair is another great way to achieve straight hair without heat. However, wrapping the hair could also be used to maintain straightness if your hair isn’t naturally straight. it is recommended to brush the hair so that it hugs and wrap all the way around the head without any on the hair hanging loose. Afterwards, tie the hair down tight with a scarf. Please note to not tie the hair down too tight. It can cause headaches and irritation.

3. Blow-dry in front of a fan. Use a medium-sized fan and put it on medium-high setting. Use a paddle brush to tame the hair as air blows through it. This method will not get the hair bone straight, but it will get it straight enough to not have to use a flat iron and be able to manage it. Be sure to get as much coverage around the head in as many repetitions as possible before the hair completely dries. Once you miss a section and the hair is already dry, this method will not work.

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