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What is there to do about the flu

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Flu requires lots of clear fluids and bed rest. There is no cure for the flu but Tamiflu can shorten severe cases by a day or two. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-there-to-do-about-the-flu ]
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The flu is the influenza virus. There are several strains of the flu that circulate. Some are the seasonal flu, but the swine and avian flues are also strains of the flu.
n. (Mining) Soft clayey matter in the vein, or surrounding it. [Written also flookan, flukan, and fluccan.]
Flu, or influenza, is an acute respiratory infection caused by a variety of flu viruses. Symptoms of flu involve muscle aches and soreness, headache , and fever

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Do you think that there is unnecessary worldwide panic about the possibility of Avian Flu pandemics?
Q: "The H5N1 avian influenza has spread to more than 40 countries in Asia, Europe and Africa, killing over 100 people, and raising concerns tens of millions of people could sicken and die if it mutates to pass easily from person to person." This is an excerpt from a recent news report. Are we overreacting? Is there a real threat? How does this compare, say to the threat of cancer or heart attacks or car accidents...the list goes on. Is Avian Flu just another health "flavour" of the week or is it a genuine threat? How do we decide what is truly a serious concern to our well being and what steps, if any should we protect ourselves?Mad Scientist: Excuse me, please read my question carefully. I didn't say anyone was overreacting, I am asking IF there is overreaction to this health concern.
A: H5N1 is not currently a threat, but the possibility of becoming a threat is very real. If bird flu were to mutate to a form transmissable from human to human, this could be a potential disaster--similar to the influenza pandemic of 1918 that killed more people than WWI. The 1918 flu traveled around the world and 20-40 million people died. It was so bad, it shortened the average life expectancy by 10 years.Recent DNA studies have shown that this 1918 flu was a bird flu that mutated to infect humans. It began in people who were in contact with poultry. This is the reason for all the concern about H5N1--there is the potential for it to happen all over again. It hasn't happened yet, but if we don't come up with some kind of vaccine, it may be only a matter of time.
Are there any pregnant women out there who have gotten the H1N1 flu and lived to tell about it?
Q: What is your experience with having it? How far long were you when you caught it? Does your baby seem to be doing okay?
A: I think it would be stupid to say just because you are pregnant and have swine flu that automatically means death. I'm sure there are and will continue to be pregnant women who live =)
Hi there! my sister is about 19 weeks pregnant and has a nasty cold flu type thing, should she get scene?
Q: she doesnt know if she should go to the hosipital or not, becuase she thinks she may have even contracted it at the hospital when she was there a couple weeks ago. She is 19 weeks, and I havnt found anything about fever and pregnancy on here? she has no idea what to do. what do you think??
A: As long as she can keep down water, the hospital or a doctor won't be able to do anything for her. All she can do is rest and drink water. I'm 15 weeks pregnant, and i was just really really sick with the flu, even unable to keep water down, and they did nothing. If she starts to have abdominal pain or spotting, then she needs to go to the nearest emergency room.

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