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What is a knot in your abdomen

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In most cases a knot in your abdomen is caused by gas or a swollen lymph gland. A swollen lymph gland is a sign that your body is fighting a potential infection, such as a cold or the flu. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-knot-in-your-abdomen ]
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What is a knot in your abdomen
In most cases a knot in your abdomen is caused by gas or a swollen lymph gland. A swollen lymph gland is a sign that your body is fighting a potential infection, such as a cold or the flu.
Knot on my lower abdomen. What could it be?
Well ive been sick for about a week with a pain in my lower abdomen also. But if you experienced this while you were pregnant maybe you should go to your and See whats up. My docter said that i probally just had a viral thing going on
Am I Pregnant If Im Bleeding Having Headaches And Theres A Knot I...?
If you are bleeding then you are not pregnant. There are more than 3000 reasons of headache that is why it is not a reliable sign of pregnancy. Knot in your lower abdomen also does not confirm pregnancy. Some ladies can have periods during ...

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Crohn's Disease Question....if you have Crohns Disease have you ever felt small knots in your lower abdomen?
Q: I have Crohns Disease and when I press around on my lower abdomen I can feel a couple of small knots. What is this?
A: doesn't sound like it would be your colon....the reason being is your disease is inside your colon, not outside. Unless your colon is about to burst ( toxic megacolon)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toxic_megacolon
What can this be on my Abdomen?
Q: About 3 months ago i noticed a lump (knot) in my abdomen about 1/2 away from my belly button! I didn't think much of it then and forgot about it! But i noticed it again the other day and it has gotten biggger and is now painful if i press on it! It is under my skin and i have to press down to fill it! I was just wondering if someone may know what this could be! I am starting to worry about it! I have a doctors app. at the end of the month should i ask my doctor or do you think that it is something that will go away! If i tell my doctor what do you think she will do about it if anything! Thank you so much for your help!!!!!!! Do you think it could be some type of tumor..........or CANCER!!
A: It is a hernia more than likely. You will have to have surgery to correct the problem or it will get worse. Google hernia so you can understand more about how the intestines are breaking thru a muscle weakness and then cause your colon or intestine to die in that area. www.awisealternative.com
Why, Benefiber, why??
Q: So here's a little background... I'm frequently constipated, and don't tolerate laxatives well. Even when taking just half a dose, I end up with bad cramps and diarrhea, so I try to steer clear of them. I was looking for something better to help me cope with my problem, and decided to try Benefiber. I looked up reviews and found no complaints. The company that makes Benefiber even describes it as a gentle alternative to help you stay regular without causing any side effects like cramping or diarrhea. I thought it was simply a fiber supplement. I must have been wrong. Yesterday, around this time, I took the powder form that disolves in liquid... 2 teaspoons (as is recommended on the back of the bottle). By the evening, I was having nagging cramps in my abdomen. They continued throughout the rest of the night, and when I got up this morning, I immediately went to the restroom. It wasn't pretty. The cramps got worse throughout the day until I felt like someone was being particularly vicious to my insides. I can only compare it to what I imagine it might feel like to have someone vigorously tie knots in your entrails, light them on fire, and then proceed to stomp them into the ground wearing soccer cleats. It was MUCH MUCH worse than ANY harsh laxative I have EVER taken. One time I even took a double dose of laxative (not knowing any better) and it wasn't as bad as this. I could not even BEGIN to guess how many times I might have visited the restroom today. I'm still feeling the effects even now, though I seem to be on the downslope, thank god. So, what I really want to know is, has anyone experienced anything similar after taking this product? It can't be just me. Why haven't I found any other complaints, and why in the world did Benefiber do this to me??
A: It sounds like you have a very sensitive digestive system and you just don't need laxative medicationsI know I'm not answering great - but hearing what's wrong, I think you'd be better just having a few more foods that help with that.When I get constipated a few prunes (3-5) usually helps alot (sometimes a few more), and honey is also a natural laxative. Products like laxatives leave you bloated and cramped and make you just feel awful!other tricks are really cold water (this does work!) and pure, cold orange juice - oh! and oranges!once again sorry I didnt have the answer about the benefibre - but i hope the other stuff help atleast!

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