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What does it mean when you poop water

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Diarrhea or watery stool can be a symptom of many different illness such as stomach flu, parasitic infection or food poisoning. It is also best to see a doctor if you suspect that you are ill. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-poop-water ]
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What does it mean when your poop floats in the water??
it just means more gas was trapped in it before it was excreted than the feces that drops to the bottom. nothing serious.
What does it mean if my cat has gray watery poop for two weeks??
Why have you not taken her to the vets? why are you asking people to diagnose your pets illness online? as a pet owner you should be more responsible! If you cant do a simple task like a general health checkup then i suggest you give the ...

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What does it mean when you poop yellow liquid only, for 3 days?maybe more?
Q: Ok I'vew been having a little stomach pain and then vomiting whenever I eat on the 1st day then it went away on the 2nd day. And whenever I poop from now on I poop yellow liquid(not reg. poop) out or yellow water with small chunks of solds in it. And ever since that I've been pooping 4-7 times a day. Its been 2 days after that and it still hasent stopped. So please help me! :(
A: Sounds like you have the flu, and this to shall pass oops pardon the pun. Do u have a fever? If not just eat lightly, like butter toast,and ginger ale is good for stomach upset. Feel better Happy N.Y.
What does it mean when you get blood in your poop?
Q: Ok well im 15 and ive been having blood in my poop for about like 3 days and i really don't know what to do. Its light colored red not dark and ive been just so worried about it. Is their anything i could do? like drink water more often? and eat a little bit less than usual? cause i havnt eaten much junk food, only like once a month or not even. At first the blood was like in my poop and then when i wipe its on the toilet paper, the second day their was no blood on the poop, just when i wiped. Then today their was some blood in the poop and then some when i wiped. Maybe it's going away? cause ive had this happen once which was last year, but then the next day it disappeared.
A: This is caused by the passage of hard, dry stool and can give you tiny tears in your rectum which will seal themselves back up without any treatment. You need to go to WebMd.com and type in constipation which is the primary cause of these little tears and follow the advice given there. You also could be developing hemorrhoids and you can go to WebMd.com and type in this term and read up on this also. Increasing your daily water intake and keeping your stools soft and small will prevent this from happening in the future.
What does it mean if you poop oil?
Q: Yesterday went to the bathroom and when i got up i saw a lot of orange oil floating on top of the water over one small turd. I have never even heard of this and was wondering what it could be caused by.
A: lol...that is bizarre. Have you been having any other strange symptoms? If you don't, you'll be fine for the most part. Depending on the foods you eat, the body doesn't digest them or breaks them down differently, so that means it can come out in strange looking ways. For example if you eat something that has blue food coloring, your poo will look green or if you eat corn, your stool can have yellow specks. This is a harmless phenomena our bodies have; nothing to be alarmed about. If you are concerned about it, talk to your doctor.

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