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How do you get a bruise on the roof of your mouth

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Mononucleosis. It has symptoms same as the flu. Fatigue, sore throat, headache, and chills. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-get-a-bruise-on-the-roof-of-your-mouth ]
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How do you get a bruise on the roof of your mouth
Mononucleosis. It has symptoms same as the flu. Fatigue, sore throat, headache, and chills.

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some questions about dentures...?
Q: ok. so im going to be getting all of my top teeth extracted and all of the bottom except the 2 canines. on the top im getting dentures, and the bottom im getting a partial. ive read stuff that you cant smoke, im a smoker. and im wondering about that.. how long before the surgery do you have to quit, and how long after before you can smoke. another question.. somebody tld me that your face bruises after you get everything extracted.. i was wondering if this is true or not? and finally im wondering if they make a top denture that doesnt have that retainer like piece that goes over the roof of your mouth? any help would be much appreciated. this is my first post on here. thanks!
A: Just had mine done and there are a few things I can tell you. I smoke and didn't stop and I'm still around, so no problem there. I think they prefer if you stop at least a few hours before any I/V is done.Swelling will happen but it only lasted a day or two for me. No bruising that you could see though. Just a bit of a godfather look.Top denture comes with an upper palate - don't know if there is an option.Takes a while to get used to the things. I'm still getting mine adjusted and it's been 4 weeks now. Slowly but surely. Still can't eat a steak though.Good luck.Cheers :-)
I know this sounds weird, but what could it be?
Q: ok, so you know how the roof of your mouth is supposed to go down in the middle and come up on both sides? Mine doesnt do that anymore, and its sore(feels almost as if I bruised it somehow). I mean, it was always normal before, but just in the past week or so its gotten sore, flat, and gotten a weird texture to it, almost like grainy...I know, I know, noone really wants to know all that...but what could have caused this? And how do I get it back how its supposed to be?
A: Down in the middle and up on both sides? Sorry, that doesn't sound normal. Maybe it just became normal and now it feels weird.
My dog won't stop biting.?
Q: This is long but I'm trying to give you as much info as possible....How can I get my dog out of the habit of biting? She is approx. 1 year old... she has had this biting problem since we took her in about 3 months ago and it has gotten worse. I'll admit that in the beginning( first 2 or 3 weeks) me and my brother thought it was "cute" and we said "oh, she's just playing," but she is very aggressive. Once she starts biting (sometimes for apparently no reason) she won't stop and is very aggressive and persistent jumping all over me. She used to just bite hands but now if I take my hands away she will bite any and every part of my body, and she bites my legs when I try to walk away and ignore her. She has never broken my skin though, just caused bruises and scratches. She is a basenji mix, I don't know with what, and I would say she is a medium sized dog. Yesterday I read about 3 methods to get your dog to not bite: pushing your fingers down the throat when a dog tries to bite, firmly closing their mouth and saying "No bite," and pressing your thumb to the roof of the mouth and saying no bite. I have been trying these today, and the thumb to the roof of the mouth kind of worked once, then I got her to sit and give paw and she calmed down for a while. When she got aggressive again and I tried the same thing, it didn't work. Holding her mouth closed doesn't work at all... if anything it makes her bite more. She doesn't like the fingers down her throat... but I don't like putting my fingers there. Help!!!We also suspect this dog was abused before we got her and I feel like I'm abusing her because sometimes we leave her outside on a run for a long time when she starts biting and even though I'll go out and play with her or keep her company I read that being chained out makes a dog feel trapped. Also sometimes I grab her roughly when I'm trying to get her to stop biting and I know it hurts sometimes because she will yelp. I have also shaken her by the scruff before which I know is abusive. I have only shook her like that maybe 2 or 3 times but I still feel like maybe that diminishes her trust in me? After I realized I have been being abusive I have made an effort to be extremely calm when she is attacking, but it is hard to deal with and I'm at a loss for what to do. I don't want to be another abusive owner to her because she has had abusive owners previously and she has bounced around alot of homes in her first year ( I think we are her 4th or 5th). I don't want her to get loose and bite somebody and have to be put down . She is a good dog she just has a problem which I feel I have made much much worse.
A: There are probably scientific answers to these questions, but as a dog owner and dog lover, I tend to answer your questions with a YES all around. Perhaps the tears do not run from their eyes, or chuckles come from their lips, but I do know that dogs have feelings. Have you ever seen that movie about the dog named Dixie? He smiled all through the movie and I thought that to be really cool and truthful! Dogs have personalities and feelings.

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