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How can you stop throwing up with the flu

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There is really no way to stop throwing up during the flu, but it should end within two days. Make sure you drink fluids. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-stop-throwing-up-with-the-flu ]
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How to Stop Throwing Up With the Flu
・ 1 Quell your queasy stomach, before you begin throwing up, by taking a 50 mg tablet of Dimenhydrinate... ・ 2 Refrain from eating solid food when you're throwing up. Sip fluids like water instead or suck on ice... ・ 3 Sip cold lime juice o...
Is there anyway you can stop from throwing up when you have a flu...?
Influenza is a respiratory virus; nausea and vomiting are not usually symptoms of this condition. You probably have a "stomach virus". One of our nurses taught me that very hot, very sweet tea calms nausea. If you are vomiting, pl...

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3 yr old daughter been sick with flu symptoms for 4 days. how do I stop her from throwing up?
Q: So my 3 yr old has been feeling pretty sick the last few days. It started with a fever and then progressed to diarreah and then to vomiting. And I have tried everything to make her feel more comfortable. We were out yesterday and I thought that it had finally passed through her... but out of nowhere she started throwing up and then the whole way home she would fall asleep and then wake up crying in agony holding onto her tummy like she was cramping up. Then she would try and throw up but only saliva came up... I am not understanding what is wrong with her. I know that it is obviously a virus and can last a few days but I am concerned that it is going on for too long and especially with her not eating anything. Any ideas help or suggestions to what I should do will be helpful. Thank youThanks for answering everyone. There are sooo many great answers that I cant choose just one so it will be going to a vote. But I ended up having to call 911 today because I was talking to a nurse on the phone and told me the colour of her diarreah was worrying. So, we ended up going in a abulance and the doctor said that it was just a virus and to give her more easy to digest foods such as jello, rice and bananas... he gave me some pedilyte as well and also some tylenol supository's and she even got a Teddy bear for riding in the abulance. Which has made her day. So I guess everyone was right about taking her into a doctors right away. So I am sure she will be fine in a day or 2. Thanks again everyone for the advice!
A: She is quite ill and in danger of becoming dehydrated, which she probably is . She needs to seek medical attention NOW !! If your Doc's office is closed, then bring her to the emergency room, NOW !In the meantime, give her ice chips ( just smash some ice cubes) to suck on, small sips of Gatorade, clear liquids in small amounts ( water chix broth).Do not give her large gulps of liquids. Avoid foods that are heavy for her tummy.You can give her small bits of banana. Space out in between giving her liquids and any foods to see if she can tolerate them.Treat her fever with liquid Tylenol mixed with applesauce. Do NOT use a suppository as this can stimulate her bowels to move. Tepid ( warm) baths to cool down her body. Avoid using hot or cold water her bath.Doc ASAP !! I hope that she gets well soon.
Throwing up blood...I'm worried about my husband?
Q: I got a call this morning (I was out of town on business) that my husband was taken to the ER by ambulence because he couldn't stop throwing up blood. He was there for a good 12 hours and then they released him saying he had a bad case of gastritis (fancy way of saying "stomach flu").So I just got home and my bathroom looks like a murder scene. I can't believe how much blood he threw up. I thought he just meant a little blood from the strain, but this is definitely not a little bit at all! He has been sleeping since he has been home and is dripping with sweat and has a temperate of 101. He just seems so off. I'm worried... Throwing up all that blood seems like more than a stomach flu. Any opinions? Do you think I am making too much out of this?
A: No. I'd be very concerned. Keep a close watch on him. Go to your family doctor. The ER might just be blowing you off, or someone incompetent might have been on duty.
Q: Please help me! My parents are gone on vacation for a month. He is 3 years old. I already know he has the flu. He just keeps throwing up and coughing. I've already given him medicine. Its not bad enough to take him to the ER yet. But how do I calm him? He just wants to cuddle with me and hes being very quiet and hasnt really talked. I can't get him to stop coughing it seems like he cant breathe at times because of his coughing fits he has taken cough medicine. And I've tried giving him food but he can't hold it down. Hes holding his juice down pretty good. PLEASE HELP! Thank You!
A: I don't know how old you are but you need to get him to the ER NOW because he is dehydrated and they can rehydrate him and make sure he's OK. You should keep Pediacare on hand to help with his dehydration and keep his electrolytes balanced. The breathing problems are concerning also, but he absolutely needs to be seen NOW.

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