Review of Kahiki Original Asian Recipes Dinners

by on December 3rd, 2010
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A couple days ago, my wife did some grocery shopping after work and picked up a few things that would make easy dinners. This included Kung wow chicken and pepper steak frozen dinners from the Kahiki Original Asian Recipes brand.

We didn’t get around to eating these right away. However, while out shopping yesterday, we decided to pick up some egg rolls and have the two frozen dinners last night. Since I like Asian food, I was looking forward to this. Unfortunately, after trying these, I have to say I was very disappointed.

I’ll start out by saying the dinners did manage to surprise me a bit when it came to overall quantity. They look like there is only enough for one person. But, my wife and I had plenty of leftovers (and it wasn’t just because of the egg rolls) so I do think one of these would have been enough for the two of us. Also, I liked the fact they were easy to make. We just needed to put them in the microwave for about 5 minutes.

However, when it came to taste, I was less than impressed. Since these were frozen dinners, I knew I was going to be sacrificing some quality when compared to what I would get at a restaurant. But, even when compared to other frozen Asian entrees, these seemed to be lacking.

One of the major reasons for this, in my opinion at least, is the lack of meat. There were only a few small pieces of steak or chicken in each of the entrees and those were gone in a matter of seconds, leaving nothing but noodles. Without the meat, which was the one thing seemed to have any flavor, the entrees were very bland tasting and not at all enjoyable.

In fact, had we not purchased the egg rolls (which were the one thing I did enjoy about dinner); I probably would have ended up finding something else to make. Even with the egg rolls, I pretty much had to force myself to clean my plate.

Since restaurant quality Asian food is expensive, I do still plan on buying frozen Asian entrees in the future. But, after trying these two Kahiki products, I don’t think this is a brand I will be buying again, even if it means I have to spend more money on another brand instead.

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