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Will cranberry juice help you pass your drug test

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Drinking cranberry juice will not help you pass a drug test. Perhaps drinking a bunch of water might. Just get some rest. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-cranberry-juice-help-you-pass-your-drug-test ]
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Will cranberry juice help me pass a drug test??
no it will not. if it did noone would ever fail that test.
Does cranberry juice help to pass a drug test for cocaine?
No. Cranberry juice is just a diuretic. However, cocaine stays in your system for about 72 hours. So if you can't stay off the stuff for 72 hours before the drug test you need help.
Does cranberry juice really help to pass a cocaine drug test??
yes it will to a point if you are a heavy smoker for any period of time you still need time to get it out of you cranberry wont make it release from the fat cells.

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Will drinking alot of cranberry juice help me pass a drug test?
Q: I smoked Marijuana about a week ago, btu i only did a little bit of puffs. I didn't even get a high. But I have a URINE drug test tomorrow to a job. Yesterday and today i've been driniking alot of cranberry juice. Do you think I might pass it? Or will the cranberry juice even help?No dumb comments please.
A: I dunno about cranberry juice, but I've heard about friends of friends carrying around gallon sized jugs of water and drinking like, 5 of them, and they passed. And these guys are real pot heads. From what you've said, it shouldn't be too hard. Just drink LOTS AND LOTS of liquids.
will cranberry juice help me pass a drug test?
Q: i smoked weed for the first time in 4 yrs about 3 weeks ago and have a drug test tommorow ive always heard drinkin alot of cranberryjuice will clean u out it wasnt much weed at all so does anyone know for sure that this will work
A: no it will not. if it did noone would ever fail that test.
i have never smoked weed untill 20 days ago, drank ton of h20, cranberry juice will i pass drug test?im skinny?
Q: im 19, 5'10 145lbs high metabolism fairly active can eat and never gain weight i have never been around or smoked weed until 20 days ago today and had a urine drug test, my buddy had like a little ball or bud? of weed on a coke can with holes poked through and i took maybe 4 hits, i drank alot of water and cranberry juice where i was pissing atleast every 30 minutes starting 2 weeks ago and drank a little bottle of vinegarmix drink 2 weeks ago and bought covert labs strip nc detox drink and drank it 2 days ago and drank a bottle of water and 2 glasses of cranberry juice this morning and pissed probably 5 times before i had a urine drug test today do you think i passed? it was stupid irresponsible mistake i made and i could kill myself for being so stupid im never doing it again and will try to prevent others now from doing it, please help im freaking out!
A: Well it sounds like you have a possibility of pissing clean. However, depending on the type of test your urine could come back as dilute. That means that your creatine levels are lower than a set limit. Some companies can consider these "dilute" results as a positive. A dilute result can be caused by flushing the system and drinking copious amounts of fluids.

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