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Why is beer so addicting

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Alcohol is highly addictive. About 18 million adults are addicted to alcohol. People like the feeling they get from it. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-beer-so-addicting ]
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Why is beer so addicting?
12 beers a night is really alot for a girl. You might want to cut back - thats over 2,000 calories in a night just in drinks! Youll end up with a big beer gut in no time. You might want to get help if you think you feel addicted before it g...
Why is root beer, unlike other soft drinks, so addictive??
Root beer is the only soft drink that is Brewed in the same process that beer is. The only difference is that is is not alcoholic. Root beer was mad during the Prohibition of alcohol to lure the police away from the illegal transport of bee...

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why is my dog addicted to beer?
Q: everytime i drink beer my dog freaks the shit out until i give him some....what should i do? he's a massive pitbull that doesnt take no for an answer
A: Wow, an alcoholic pitt bull that won't take no for an answer. That sounds like a mauling in the making.Put some water in a beer bottle and start drinking it. When the dog wants some, give it to him by pouring it in his bowl. Maybe when he realizes it's just water, he'll stop trying to get it from you. Just a thought.I certainly wouldn't want a pitt bull that wouldn't take no for an answer about anything. Sounds like some serious training is needed before something happens.
is beer addicting???????????????
Q: i wanna no if beer is addicting? like is it addicting like smoking?
A: have you ever heard of alcoholics?
Is Root beer addicting?
Q: It is yummy, but is it addicting?
A: YES!!! =D love it

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