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Where does marijuana grow

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Marijuana grows wild in many parts of the world, and is cultivated in Mexico, Vietnam, Africa, Nepal, India, South America. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/where-does-marijuana-grow ]
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Where does marijuana grow?
Nearly anyplace. It is primarily a weed.
How to Grow Marijuana for Medicinal Use
Marijuana is a very easy plant to grow. It can even be grown indoors with little extra attention. Marijuana is legal in many states if used medicinally. Each state, county and city has different laws on the amount you can produce. To avoid ...
Is it any good??Very curious - Marijuana Growing
I always put mine in capsules the taste is awful. I would compare it to codiene at higher doses. At low doses it has an energizing effect, i used to take two or three caps every four hours when i was working 15 hr days. Don't smoke it it's ...

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Where does marijuana grow naturally?
Q: what states? does it grow everywhere we just dont find it?just curios, not planning on smoking it
A: it can grow in almost any environment except desert or arctic. In my state (LA) the DEA confiscated 500 Lbs or so of Marijuana seeds back in the 70's, loaded it into a truck and drove down the interstate not realizing that the seeds were spraying out the back of the truck. To this day you can find a plant or two growing on the side of I-10 between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, but the DEA keeps a close watch on it and kills them as soon as they grow. Funniest part about it, a field of wild marijuana plants once grew as close as 30 feet away from Angola State Penitentiary, the largest and highest security prison in USA, and many of the inmates were able to get the weed and smoke it. That was back in the 80's; it's all been cleared away by now.
Where does marijuana grow free and abundant?
Q: Some where that its legal would be nice too...
A: Pot is originally from India. Its not completely legal, but decriminalized so you only get a slap on the wrist for having it. This is because huge pot plants grow naturally over there, in great abundance.
Where does (or did) marijuana grow native, natural?
Q: Where did it originate in nature? What is the history?
A: Central Asia is where it is believed to have grown native originally. The history of marijuana and it's trip around the world is a very interesting. I've included a couple of links for you, so you can read up on your marijuana history.

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