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What is the lightest kind of cigarette

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Silk Cut Ultra Low are supposed to be the lowest there is on the market besides no nicotine ones. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-lightest-kind-of-cigarette ]
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What kind of health risks are associated with light smoking (1-3 ...?
Smoking is smoking and comes with the same risks. You are fooling yourself if you think there are no additives or chemicals. If there is nothing in them, what are you smoking? Congratulations for cutting down to such a few. Do yourself a...
Are lights/low-tar cigarettes better for me than the regular kind...?
No. Although machines used to test cigarettes draw less tar and nicotine from low-tar brands, real smokers don’t – instead, they either smoke more of them or inhale more deeply, to get the same effect.
What kind of light menthol cigarettes are available in Ontario, C...?
Well in Canada the 'light', 'extra light',ect.. have all been banned. As the government thinks these subtypes will encourage young people to smoke. The brands that I know are Peter jackson Menthol, Export A Menthol, Accord Menthol, Matinee ...

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What kind of cigarette is the the least bad for you?
Q: I don't know what is the difference btw light cigarettes and filters...? and wides? explain to me how that works please!
A: Smoking is smoking. Don't let "light", "ultra light", etc confuse you.Every cigarette contains the same poisons as the next.
what is the least healthy kind of CIGARETTES?
Q: I know cigarettes are bad for you so please save me the advice...i've given up on my friend quitting and I wanna suggest a light kind of cigarettes.PLEASE SUGGEST BRANDS!x
A: american spirits are suppose to be all Naturalor you can suggest to your friend on getting a electronic cigarette, I did a lil research and found out that it is a healthy way to quit smoking....
what kind of fuel does a lighter you use to light a cigarette take?
Q: i need to know so i can buy some and fill my empty ones.
A: Butane

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