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What is the best pain pill to snort

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Oxycontin is the most popular pain pill for recreational use. However, it is HIGHLY addictive, so I don't recommend it. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-pain-pill-to-snort ]
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What is the best pain pill for chronic migraines?
youll never have to take pills again just smoke marijuana youll never have to take pills again just smoke marijuana
What is the best pain pill for large dogs?
Every dog is different, so they react differently to each drug. Some do best on Deramaxx, some better on Rimadyl, some better on Previcox, etc. Generally speaking, the more selective the cox inhibitor, the "safer" the drug. Howe...
Is there a good pill to control pain?
Yes there is. Advil works very well.

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Can/Should she SNORT pain pills?
Q: Have you ever snorted pills like vicodin? Does it make the medicine work faster? My partner broke her wrist and one of our friends told her to snort her pain pills so they'll work better. Wtf? That's what I said. Anyway, it's worth asking, I guess.
A: NO. Vicodin is ALWAYS compunded with acetaminophen (tylenol). That's what makes up most of the pill. The volume of powder alone is a respiratory hazard. It may work with other meds that aren't blended, but don't do it.
why snort pain pills?
Q: why do people crush up and snort pain pills? Does it effect you different based on how you take it snort vs swallow? i am trying to get a better understanding of drug use and abuse. It seems that people do lots of strange things nowadays.
A: They snort them to get a quicker high. It bypasses the absorption and first pass effect of the liver. You don't have as much drug broken down by the liver and you get the high sensation quicker.
What are the short and long term negative effects of snorting pain killers?
Q: I would like to know what all negative physical things can result when pain pills are snorted daily over many years. Such as how does it effect the lungs, nasal passages, etc. I know a couple of people that do this and I would like to give them reason to stop. Are there any websites that give info. on this issue? I have not found any yet.
A: I don't know the answer either. I have searched online. I am in a simliar situation and would like to know the same things...how it effects the nasal passages etc. Common sense would assume it's not good. Hope someone answers with more info...good luck.

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