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What does the drug crack do to you

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Users can experience cardiovascular or cerebrovascular emergencies (heart attack or stroke), which may cause sudden death. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-the-drug-crack-do-to-you ]
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What is crack (drug)
The other two answers are plain wrong - Crack is not another word for cocaine. Nor is it simply a combination of household chemicals (although, you will more than likely find these chemicals used in the production of crack, or used to cut t...
What kind of drug is crack?
A very bad one. Crack is cocaine..Crack is cocaine that has not been neutralized by an acid to make the hydrochlorida salt. This form of cocaine comes in a rock crystal that can be heated and its vapors smoked. The term "crack" co...
How do you pass a drug test for crack?
The easiest way is to never do crack.

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Does anyone know an online drug (crack) documentary I can watch?
Q: I watched High on Crack Street on you tube and most everything else i goggled on you tube and other video sites. I need to find something very gritty showing the actual crack houses and smokers. Not doc.'s about the government or cia or drug wars, but the people. the addicts themselves. Can anyone recommend something? Oh, i did watch Crackheads gone wild movie. and ...This need to be online, on my computer not a dvd or movie, but from my desk at work. thank you so much.
A: watch intervention on A&E...that's will show you the real people battling the real stuff
Does Sure Jell work on Meth or Crack drug testing?
Q: I have a close friend who has been called in by his PO for a random UA but has been doing Meth and Crack all night. I have heard that Sure Jell works with some drugs, but am unsure on which ones.
A: He should know better than that...he needs to be a "man" and take the punishment for his actions. Hopefully getting put back in prison will help him with his drug addiction otherwise your "friend" is going to wind up dead so you need to decide if you would rather him live or die before trying to come up with some stupid "solution" to this problem.
Where can I find a good drug (crack cocaine) rehabilitation place in Illinois or in Florida?
Q: My cousin has a serious addiction to crack cocaine. It has come to the time where she needs rehabilitation. She lives in Florida but has family in Illinois. Does anyone know of a good rehabilitation place (in-patient) in Florida or in Illinois where she can go for treatment? Thank you.
A: Totally get her out of Florida. She is in her element there and needs to get away from an area where she knows how to score dope. Try Iowa, close enough to Illinois for people to visit. p.s. She will only do as well as she wants to do though. The addiction is a mental one, and while getting it out of your system is quick, the thought process will always be there. Anytime she is bored or down the total abandonment of caring about life that coke and crack gives will try to call her back.

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