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What does smoking oregano do to you

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Smoking oregano does nothing to a person. It does not make them high. It's pointless to smoke oregano. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-smoking-oregano-do-to-you ]
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Is smoking oregano harmful?
you dumb ***,why would you want to smoke oregano,any way.To answer your stupid question,smoking anything is harmful to some degree,I dont understand are you trying to get high or what? your better off hyperventilating,the worst that can ha...
Can Smoking Oregano With Dried Orange Peels Get U High?
No that would be stupid then it would just make you sick
Can You Die From Smoking Oregano?
You can die from any bad drugs

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If youre smoking oregano and cops think its weed can you get in trouble?
Q: Lets say you roll up oregano in a dutch and smoke it outside and cops arrest you bc they believe its weed. But then they test it out later and find out its really oregano...theyll let you go?
A: If you are going to pretend you're toking weed, then smoke WEED.....why get caught for smoking a cooking herb?BTW---Take a couple of hits on your bong for me. Can't smoke any longer.....sure miss that!
Can you get high or get any feeling from smoking oregano?
Q: If not are there any spices that can be mixed with oregano or smoked separetly that can get you high
A: nutmeg makes you trip like crazy.screw oregano.
how harmful is smoking oregano?
Q: how harmful is smoking oregano? will i have any permenant damage from it?
A: While your at it why don't you try some catnip.

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