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What do you do to make meth

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Because methamphetamine can be produced using many different methods, its appearance and how it is made, can vary dramatically. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-to-make-meth ]
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How to make meth?
How to make meth is a process that needs to be removed from all search engines in order to stop the illegal use and distribution of elicit drugs. This is how injuries and death can occur.
What is meth made from?
A - Everything but the Kitchen Sink (almost). Meth can be made with many over-the-counter and household chemicals including: ・ Drain cleaner ・ Lithium from batteries ・ Paint thinner ・ Ephedrine ・ Iodine ・ Lye ・ Diet Aids ・ Camp sto...
What is crystal meth made of?
the over the counter drug store. These ingredients includes cold medication containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine, lye, hydrochloric acid, red phosphorous, drain cleaner, battery acid, , lantern fuel, and antifreeze. These ingredients cos...

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Why did the government make pseudoephedrine, over the counter drug, when there are other meth ingredients?
Q: I wasn't getting the answers I wanted on the last question. I understand that meth is bad and the government wanted to make it harder to get a lot of Sudafed or what have you, to help the fight to reduce meth production (you can argue if this would even help, but that is not important to me).Basically, I know that the common way to make Meth is a combination of pseudoephedrine and red phosphorus (usually from red phosphorus matches) and iodine (ok this one you have to keep, I guess). They were all Class-1 chemicals before the Patriot Act which means that you had to control the production and distrubution of the chemical in the process of making it, and show caution when selling the product in large quantities. So why target Sudafed and not the matches, we have better matches today than the red phosphorus matches, but there are people who borderline need Sudafed for nasal congestion issues.So I ask you, does anyone know why they targeted pseudoephedrine?
A: There are potential health risksassociated with the use of products containing ephedrine.
How is anhydrous ammonia used to make meth?
Q: I am an industrial refregeration service technician. I deal with anhydrous ammonia every day and it is dangerous. I am just very curious as to how it is used in the manufacturing of meth.
A: Ammonia is a base, used to change the pseudoephedrine from a hydrochloride to a freebase, so it can react with red phosphorus and lithium to make methamphetamine freebase. The methamphetamine freebase is then reacted with hydrochloric acid to return it to hydrochloride(useable) form. There isn't ammonia in methamphetamine, it changes the nature of the chemical and is then removed.
Why does crystal meth make appearance of face change so drastically?
Q: I am currently teaching my FE students about drugs. I have researched different drugs on the internet and have found pictures where they show how crystal meth makes someone's face look really old and haggard in a few years, which I am going to show as shock tactics. I have found info on all of the other effects of this drug, but cannot find anything that tells me how the drug makes people look like this. Your help would be appreciated, thanks!And do othe drugs such as heroin and cocaine have this effect?
A: Meth makes people's teeth fall out because it suppresses saliva flow which can rot people's teeth. Also, people who are meth addicts usually don't care about oral hygiene so they are unlikely to brush their teeth. As far as sores on the face, people who do meth often have hallucinations where they think bugs are crawling on their skin so they will pick at their skin to try to remove the (nonexistant) bugs. Also, meth does something that's called collagen binding, which is an aging process of the skin and other organs that happens over time but is accelerated by doing such things as meth or smoking.A good movie to show your kids is:The worst drug the in worldYou can find it at moviesfoundonline.com under documentaries.

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