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Is alcohol an upper or a downer

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Alcohol is a depressant (downer). Depressants slow down the brain and central nervous system. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-alcohol-an-upper-or-a-downer ]
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Is alcohol an "upper" or a "downer"??
ALCOHOL IS A "DOWNER." It actually depresses the central nervous system. That's why drinking too much causes slow reactions, slurred speech and sometimes even unconsciousness ("passing out").
Is alcohol a depressant or stimulant?
Alcohol is a depressant meaning that it slows brain activity down.
Re: Does alcohol act as both a depressant and a stimulant??
Yes, alcohol appears to act as both a depressant and a stimulant (this is referred to as a biphasic response), and it appears to depend strongly on the individual involved. In the abstract from a recent paper, Holdstock and de Wit state: Et...

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"marijuana is an 'upper' and alcohol is a 'downer'."?
Q: what is that suposed to mean? upper and downer...and do u agree
A: incorrect, they are both central nervous system depressants
I never understood mixing Red Bull with alcohol?
Q: I mean hey, Red Bull is an upper. Alcohol is a downer. What do you ppl wanna do go sideways?.........J/K.... but really what's your opinion?
A: I always wondered that... wouldn't they cancel each other out?Alcohol makes you drunk and "tired", but red bull makes you hyper and gives you a sugar rush so you would kind of be like...not drunk...not too hyper...what's the point?
Why is alcohol considered a downer?
Q: It is an upper for me. On days that I don't drink enough I feel down and depressed. When I drink, I get surges of energy and I am much happier and kinder to most people. Any thoughts on this?
A: That means you have an alcohol addiction. The 'downness' you feel is the onset of Withdrawals. Alcohol is in fact classified as a Depressant. But, as long as you're not hurting anyone or your work/life in general isn't affected, drink up and have fun. :)

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