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How long does it take for ecstasy to leave the system

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MDMA or Ecstasy is usually detectable in urine for 24-72 hours after use. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-it-take-for-ecstasy-to-leave-the-system ]
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How long does it take for extacy to leave your system??
It takes 3-5 days for extacy to leave your system. Most drug test cant detect extacy after 3 days but my friend rolled a blunt after taking exstacy two days later and because it was under his nails it came up in his drug test along with wee...
How Long Does It Take For Ecstasy To Leave My System??
Ecstasy stays in the system 4 days on average.
How long does it take for ecstasy to leave your system after cons...?
It takes 2-3 days, depending on your size and dose, to leave your blood and "system". No need to worry. Even if it hasn't been more than three days since you did it, they probably aren't going to find it. They only can only detect...

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How long does it take the street drug ecstasy to leave your system.?
A: after 72 hours less then 1% of the drug is left in your system
how long does it take ecstasy to leave your system?
A: 3 to 5 days usually depending on how much you took and how fast your body metabolizes in general. Good luck!
what would happen if you had coke and ecstasy in your system?
Q: ok i know cocaine and ecstasy both leave you system with in 4 days but if i were to have coke in my system say on a thursday and then do ecstasy on fri. and sat. would it take longer to leave my system by the end of the next friday? i know its like a word problem but if you could answer with out judging or trying to tell me not to do the drugs i would appreciate it.so would it be gone by the next friday?
A: no...seperate drugsnot 100% but yeah probably...to be safe id say only roll one day but whatever itll probably be out in like 1-3 days

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