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How do you pass a Etg alcohol test

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ETG tests are very accurate. You can try drinking a lot of water before testing, but the best thing is to allow 80 hours sober. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-pass-a-etg-alcohol-test ]
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How to Pass an ETG Alcohol Test
・ 1 Stop drinking alcohol one week before the ETG test is administered. The test can sometimes detect the... ・ 2 Limit the use of pain medications and other medications, both prescription and over-the-counter. Some... ・ 3 Avoid eating foods...
Can a person pass an etg alcohol test after 85 hours??
If that person drink alcohol, that person have a very low chance of passing the EtG alcohol test. If that person did not drink, that person will be safe. EtG test will detect Ethanol alcohol was ingested within the past three or four days, ...
Will i pass my etg alcohol test?
It takes about 80 hours until you are clean but you can dilute the test by drinking lots of fluids right before your test. Like rakstevo said.. drink lots of water. When you pee for your test your pee should be clear, like water. You wont c...

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Will I pass an ETG alcohol test after 1 can of beer, and 1 glass of wine?
Q: On saturday night I drank 1 can of beer, and 1 small glass of wine. I had an ETG alcohol test Monday morning at 11:30. I stopped drinking Sat night at 10:45 PM. Will I be okay for my test? I know these tests can detect for up to 80 hours, but I drank so little, and have a fast metabolism.
A: It will still show up .Personal knowledge
How can I pass an EtG alcohol test? (for a good reason)!?
Q: I am suppose to check into a sober living facility tomorrow and drank last night, which I regret. I found out today that they do EtG urine tests which go back five days. I really need this sober environment and am worried I have ruined my chances. Anyone know how I can pass it? I am not going to drink again because it is not worth this much stress, but I am scared that I blew it. Please help!
A: Go to a health food store. Explain the situation to the clerk and let them recommend a special tea or a drink. I'm serious, I had a friend in college who had to take a drug test for a job and bought a special drink that works an hour befor the test and it worked. All I remember is that it cost $30 and he had to drink a ton of water. Then I dated a guy who was an airplane mechanic (scary, I know) and he beat the test by putting bleach in a visine bottle and when he urinated he dropped 2 drops of bleach into the urine and submitted it. How serious are you about sober living if you drank last night? You don't sound very committed to sobriety to me. Maybe you should put an ad on CraigsList advertising your need for some clean piss and you'll pay big bucks. Good luck. Hope you get your s-h-i-t together.
will i pass my etg alcohol test?
Q: i drank about 10 shots of vodka and when i take my test i will be at about 58 hours clean will i pass?
A: yes alcohol leaves your system at .0125 percent per hour

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