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Does smoking tea have any effects

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Its safe to smoke green tea,but not safe to mix it with anything that acts as an upper (epinephrin, cigarettes, weed). ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-smoking-tea-have-any-effects ]
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Can smoking tea have any negative effects?
Smoking is bad not just because it's tobacco, it's because you are inhaling smoke - tiny particles of partially-burned carbon chains that have the capacity to latch onto DNA and damage it, causing cell injury and cancers. Other chemicals in...
Does weed tea have the same effects as smoking it??
Ingesting weed as a food or drink will make you higher.
What happens when you smoke tea bags? What effects does it do? Do...?
I tried smoking tea (regular black tea like Lipton) years ago. It didn't do anything except give me a splitting headache a few hours later. Of course I was using cheap rolling papers. You would think that the caffeine and theophylline in th...

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Does smoking earl grey tea have any long term negative effects?
Q: I have a pipe and want to smoke some earl grey tea. Would smoking earl grey tea have any long tern negative health effects?
A: why would you want to smoke earl grey tea? i don't think it would really hurt, but i really don't understand why you would want to smoke tea, its not a drug.
is there any effects of smoking tea ?
Q: i was wondering , if smoking tea . will someone get any risks ? or illnesses ?
A: anything that burnsand is inhaled___ carcinogens __the smoke sticks to the innerlining of the lungs..BAD BAD BAD...thats why cannibis was announced as a cancer causeing agent...ONLY IF IT IS SMOKED...and even so...where is the damn person who has gotten lung cancer by JUST smoking cannabis...NONEbut anything smoked damages the lungswhat would the point benothing gainedand if u do it to long...ur LUNGS LOSE out
What are the side effects of smoking tea?
Q: i smoke tea leafs and i was wondering what are the side effects?
A: Well smoking anything isn't going for the lungs, you're being exposed to tars which can damage them. Also tea sometimes contains nicotine, just like cigarettes, and nicotine is addictive, though I doubt you'll get addicted to tea, since it doesn't always have it (it seems to be pesticide residue) and you'd get the same stuff from drinking it.

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