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Does marijuana speed up the heart rate

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Yes marijuana can speed up the heart rate.Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-marijuana-speed-up-the-heart-rate ]
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Does marijuana speed up heart rate?
Yes, and the more you smoke, the faster it'll go. Probably best not to focus on it though.

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If marijuana speeds the heart rate up, then wouldn't it make sense that it also raises metabolism?
Q: After all, increased heart rate=increased metabolism.
A: It also messes you up and ruins relationships. Oh, and one of my friends almost died from taking that crap..
smokeing pot speeds up your heart rate, so does this mean weight loss?
Q: so, im just curious, but i read somewhere that when you smoke marijuana your heart rate can increase anywhere from 50 to 200 %. is the the reason why some people who smoke often loose weight?
A: if you didnt eat anything, yesbut lemme tell ya, its hella hard not to eat everything in site! it just all looks so delicious and yummy
Can someone explain how drugs speeding up the heart rate is bad? THC specifically.?
Q: I am aware that certain drugs are bad for the heart. But why, exactly? What is the science behind it?For instance...why is cocaine bad for the heart? Is THC found in marijuana bad for the heart as well? I know that THC speeds up peoples heart rate. Why is this? Is it ok when THC speeds up the heart rate...or is it just as bad as when cocaine does it?Please understand that I am not defending the drugs in anyway..I am merely trying to find the cold hard facts about them.
A: Your heart is important, you should want to be good to your body and NOT do drugs.

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