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Does chewing tobacco kill worms

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No, chewing tobacco to kill worms is an old belief that does not work. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-chewing-tobacco-kill-worms ]
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Does chewing tobacco rid the body of worms and parasites??
yes you should chew and swallow to prevent them
Are tou garenteed not to get worms if you chew tobacco??
Not true. Long (long) ago, tobacco was recommended to prevent problems such as worms, toothache, bad breath, tetanus, and cancer (that's right). Women were also told to smoke during pregnancy to prevent excessive weight gain. Chewing tobacc...

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Does chewing tobacco really kill worms in dogs?
Q: I was told by some one that chewing tobacco kills worms in a dog. Is this a fact of life or is it a big fat fiction.
A: There are many kinds of worms in dogs. The one that is affected by the nicotine of tobacco are tapeworms; this worm get depressed but not really killed. Roundworms are not affected by tobacco. I would not recommend you to give any tobacco because it may cause more than harm than good to your dog. If you are sure that your dog has worms, have it dewormed by proper dewormer and the best way I think is to go to the vet for this.
Truth or Myth, Chewing Tobacco kills worms in animals and is safe too use, in small amounts of course?
Q: Truth or Myth, Chewing Tobacco kills worms in animals and is safe too use, in small amounts of course?No its not, I have never heard that from Tobacco Companys, lol?, just from rumors and from friends saying it worked, I just wanted too know more on the subject?
A: Nicotine is toxic to dogs,even in small amounts.
Is it true that chewing tobacco can be used to kill worms in dogs?
Q: My puppy has a severe case of round-worms.
A: Pleeeeassssseeeee tell me you're joking (you just can't tell sometimes)On the off chance you're not, I'll just say tobacco does the same thing for dogs that it does for humans - gives them lung cancer.If you really DO have a dog with worms get the right meds from the vet.Chaliceyou're probably a troll, but then I had a client the other day who gave his dying dog whiskey, so you just never know really.

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