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Can you smoke weed seeds

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A human is capable of smoking marijuana seeds, but you will not get high from them! They do not contain THC which makes you high! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-smoke-weed-seeds ]
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Does marijuana kill your sperm?
Only if you smoke the stems and/or seeds of the marijuana plant the leafs themselfs won't harm your sperm
Can you get hurt if you smoke weed seeds?
sure... they are like firecrackers in a blunt... you can get burned, and some people says it makes you sterile
Can you have a miscarriage if you smoke the weed seeds??
No. Although it's not a good idea really to be smoking anything when you're pregnant, it would not cause a miscarriage. Why anyone would want to smoke the seeds though is beyond me?

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if you smoke weed and you accientely smoke the seeds or the stems what will they do?
Q: I heard stuff about if u smoke then what will happen
A: These people know nothing! Time to educate y'all on a fact. Smoking the seeds will make a man infertile(can't have babies) that's why. You do not wanna smoke those. I can't believe none of you know this.
if you smoke weed with seeds in it you cant have babys is it true?but if u cant can u get surgery or something
Q: so if you do smoke weed you cant have babys cuz i think ive smoked weed with seeds in it and i want to know if it fucks up youe nuts and if its true or it does something serious answering and can there be surgery to like have babys again incase i cant cuz i really want to have kids
A: please, please don't have children. Adopt if you must, but please don't have children!!!
Can I smoke the weed with the seeds?
Q: yeah... I'm not sure if I got ripped off. This stuff doesn't smell much like real weed. Well, anyways, there are seeds in my weed. Should I like throw them out or keep them in and smoke it with the bud?
A: haha kinda funny idiot is not spelled ideat....

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