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Can you get thc in your system from second hand marijuana smoke

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Yes, second-hand marijuana smoke (especially if it's very thick) can leave traces of THC in your urine for a day or so. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-thc-in-your-system-from-second-hand-marijuana-smoke ]
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Do you think I could test positive for marijuana (THC) from expos...?
No you cannot as the urine concentration, if any, will be way below the cut-off level.
Is it possible to test positive for THC (marijuana) from exposure...?
Absolutely Not! Urine concentrations of THC above the cut-off sensitivity level of the test, or a positive result, is not possible by exposure to second hand smoke.

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Can the mere scent (not 2nd hand smoke) of smoked marijuana put THC in my system?
Q: I quit smoking 8 weeks ago but my urine has been testing positive for marijuana ever since. I live in a basement about 20 to 30 feet away from some people who smoke weed every day. I never breathe any second hand smoke, but am always exposed to the scent of smoked marijuana. Can the mere scent be putting THC in my system, causing my urinalysises to be positive for marijuana?
A: I smoked regularly for about 30 years, and after I quit three years ago it was six months before I tested negative. I had to test for a job three months after I quit and told the boss what was up. He agreed to hire me on my word, but would test me again in a few months. That test came up clean and I've been sober ever since. Good thing you quit, it's really a waste of time, money, and not to mention your lungs.
Can I fail a drug test from second-hand marijuana smoke?
Q: I just went to spend some time with some friends tonight, and a friend of mine smokes a lot of weed. He decided to lite a bowl and even though he was quite a few feet away I caught a contact buzz. I wasn't thinking until later that I had a drug screening for a job I plan on starting and I began to worry a bit. The drug screening is roughly 9 days away. I've heard many different takes on this. If you could, give me a link to a notable medical source supporting what you've heard? And if you believe it is possible for me to fail my screening due to this, is there anything you know of that may flush the THC out of my system more quickly (before the test)?
A: Drug tests are unreliable and sometimes will not detect pot...sometimes it will detect poppy seed muffins in your system...Go figure.There is no way to flush your system.
i have to take a drug test tommarow, and i inhaled second hand marijuana smok. will it show up in my system?
Q: i didnt smoke the weed, but i was thinking that since i was next to the people that were smoking and i inhaled the second hand smoke would that put thc in my system?
A: P, You're safe. I promise. :)

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