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What is so wrong with the water in Mexico

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Each day open water canals in Mexico carry billions of gallons of raw sewage, spreading foul odors and disease. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-so-wrong-with-the-water-in-mexico ]
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What's wrong with drinking water in Mexico?
no, its just that mexican water is not purified enough and is somehow not the same in mexico, so if americans come to drink the water, they would most likely get sick, but vise versa, if people from mexico who are used to mexico's water dri...
What's wrong with Mexican Water?IS THERE BAD WATER IN OTHER PLACE...?
Microbes are living creatures, like fish or birds or primates or butterflies. They are just very small, smaller than insects like fleas that we can see with our eyes. The creatures on this planet have traits that genetically shift as you tr...

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What's wrong with drinking water in Mexico?
Q: I constantly hear that commentI lived there for 17 years and I am pretty healthy, so waht's the reason some people discrimite the mexican water?Is the american water the best in the world?
A: no, its just that mexican water is not purified enough and is somehow not the same in mexico, so if americans come to drink the water, they would most likely get sick, but vise versa, if people from mexico who are used to mexico's water drink the american water, they would probably get sick.
What is wrong with my wife? Or, Is it Me? Sorry, so long!?
Q: My and I have been married for 3 mos. We have been together for a year, she has 2 kids from previous marriage. We have a child on the way. Well. last night we went to her parents house to visit her family that came to visit from mexico. Her daughters hate me right now, but that is not the issue, her older daughter does not live with us, she lives with her dad. The youngest does live with us, but she is constantly up my wife's butt. I mean my wife can not do anything without her daughter. Ok, so it is time for us to live we are in the car, I am driving not saying a word then I start whistling, my wife tells to shut up, now I do not tell her to shut up when she whistles in the car, anyways, the girl starts crying when we get home, my wife is yelling at me to turn down the T.V. I can barely hear it before she is yelling at me. I told her that it is down, then she says my daughter is crying because of your yelling, Now I did not even yell, anyhow, my wife throws a can of incense spray at me, and I told her she throws like a girl. She then threw the iron at me and I threw a water bottle at her and now she will not talk to me nor do I want to talk to her. Did I do anything wrong? I know throwing things is never good.
A: Yeah, you f*cked but by throwing that bottle at her.You have to understand that her hormons are not stable right now.So she'll cry for no reason or get mad quicker for no reason.Both of you are at fault.but she kinda is at fault more because she started throwing shit at you first.Just wait it out.She'll say sorry and then you both will have sex. good luck
If I’m wrong, then can someone please show me the money?
Q: A) Immigrants say they’re coming for a better life, which must meanB) The conditions they’re leaving are “not as good” as here.C) People quickly assume those conditions are caused by bad, corrupt government. D) Which is to say “the people are utterly blameless, powerless victims” of that government. The following facts are from Conapo, Consejo Nacional de Población, Mexico. In 1970, the population of Mexico was 48.2 million (Conapo, Consejo Nacional de Población, Mexico.) The population today is 109,277,284 – an increase of nearly 61.1 million people (after subtracting deceased) in 37 years.http://www.mnsu.edu/emuseum/information/population/country.php?FILE=MX&NAME=MexicoWhat would it cost to provide 61 Million people with the quality of education, clean water, waste water, roads and freeways (and other transportation infrastructure), law enforcement, courts, etc? Where would they get teachers if they weren’t able to educate so many people as kids?If I’m wrong, can anyone please show me the money? Where would even a wealthy government get such cash? Please provide an accurate number based on reliable data. Is it ethical to encourage a mentality of defeatism considering the corrupt government did NOT produce those 61.1 million people (more like 70 to 80 million before attrition)?To KMV:I've practically memorized the guidelines; have you? Did you even read this question? Do you know the meaning of "venting frustrations"? Frustration is an emotion. This is fact start to finish. This question deals with a particularly harsh reality that has been difficult for me to get straight answers on, simply because it is harsh! There's nothing easy about it. The facts above speak for themselves. There are no insults at all! This is a matter of people coming to believe that they are "Master's of their own destiny" and that we all face very difficult choices. This - an issue of scarcity and pending scarcity - is one of the most difficult of all. To Slew:As above, there have always been tough choices for people to face. With the industrial revolution and a 2500% growth in world population since 1500 A.D., what were once solutions now cause new problems. Yes. Scarcity is increased by rapid population growth. Check out U.N. Population and Economics....To Ray Eston...When I saw your answer, I thought I'd been bested...at first. But perfunctory research shows that HK's population increased by a total of 2.8 million (1970 to 2007), a change of about 70%. Mexico's increase was about 120% as they added roughly 61 million.Being realistic concerning sustainability, though, the growth engines that HK enjoys are rare throughout the world and depend on close, techno-savvy relations with growing export economies in the region. Mexico may be able to find similar powerhouses to benefit from but will need a great improvement in their workforce skills. They CAN do it. I believe that. The choice is theirs and it won't ikely be easy. I'm with you on free economics, for sure. Good answer...I gave you a thumbs up!= = == = =This topic has drawn some anger. Oddly, it only does that on forums like this. When I discuss it in public, everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon in agreement. Maybe it's the tone of my typing?It's undeniable that a population of nearly 25 times normal (what nature sustained till around 1500) combined with the ability and desire of each to obtain maximum luxury (beginning with an SUV and a 5-bdrm house) is a recipe for scarcity. Global warming has a better chance of being debunked.But, if 25.0X drops to 0.25X (by attrition, of course) that generation (the 0.25X = ~70M total) can have all they want.With that goal in mind, ALL societies should insist on rewarding those who give up their ability to have a family. Such people should be assured the greatest respect and have roads, buildings and charities named after them and live tax-free and be granted rich incentives for voluntarily undergoing a (reversible) vasectomy or tubal ligation.
A: So are you saying the poor quality of life is the Mexicans fault , because they have too many Children?

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