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What causes throbbing gums

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Gum pain; swelling; gum bleeding; blood in saliva when brushing & metallic taste are all symptoms of Gum Disease. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-causes-throbbing-gums ]
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What causes sharp throbbing pain between teeth under the gum line...?
You probably have some sort of infection in one or both of those teeth. It could be related to tooth decay, in which case you may need a root canal or an extraction. It also may be related to gum disease, which often can be treated without ...
What causes my gums to throb after I'm done flossing??
If your gums throb it is not because of having to use sensitive toothpaste on your teeth, but is probably due to being too rough and zealous with the floss. Try being a bit more gentle. Good luck.

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What causes my gums to throb after I'm done flossing?
Q: I floss my teeth at night after I'm done brushes and they throbb for a few minutes before it goes away. They don't bleed or anything and they're a pretty shade of pink :o) I was told by one person that I have sensitive nerves and that I should use that sensitive toothpaste. Does that sounds about right because I'm a little skeptical with that answer?
A: If your gums throb it is not because of having to use sensitive toothpaste on your teeth, but is probably due to being too rough and zealous with the floss. Try being a bit more gentle. Good luck.
I have bad pain in my mouth area - feels like gums and side of inside of mouth is throbbing and very sore.?
Q: Don't think it is a tooth ache as I have had that pain before. Not sure if it could be sinuses because my nose is not clogged and no headache. The only other condition I have is acid reflux and had the h-pylori bacteria before. Going to the docs tomorrow, but anyone have an idea of what could be causing such extreme throbbing pain????
A: i suggest the use of natural oral care remedy for gum disease and bad breath. natural oral medication is what i have been using when i was beset with gum disease and oral health problems. it worked great in keeping bad bacteria and signs of gum disease away. it is also be that you pay close attention to oral and dental health. gum disease can be dangerous for it can cause a host of medical issues later on if left untreated. better maintain proper oral hygiene by proper brushing and flossing every after meal. regular visits to the dentist is very important to be taken for granted. for more tips to treat gum disease visit http://www.oramd.co.uk
Extreme pain in gums? Diagnosed as gum infection?
Q: I went to the dentist on Wednesday because my gums on the left side of my mouth were swelling and extremely painful. He checked out my mouth and said I had a gum infection caused by a lot of build up on my teeth (I haven't had a cleaning in nearly 2 years because I kept forgetting). He put me on Penicillin and Darvocet and told me to come back asap to have my teeth cleaned really well. In the very back of my mouth on both sides, my last molars have partially came in. There is a little "U" shaped tab of gum over the middle of both of these teeth, like it was left there and the molar never grew through it. Since starting the antibiotic, my entire mouth is sore and throbbing, I haven't been able to eat anything for about 5 days, and now its like it has spread and the right side of my mouth is in a ton of pain. Darvocet hasn't helped the pain at all, and I called back and the dentist prescribed me Vicodin, and that hasn't helped either. The only bit of relief has been ibuprofen, and it randomly works.. sometimes when I take it, it does nothing.Orajel, Tylenol, Darvocet and Vicodin, have done nothing for me. The pain is so bad that I can hardly sleep and I cry all the time. I have been taking pain killers and penicillin on the dot every 6 hours, trying to brush my teeth gently when the pain isn't too bad, and rinsing with peroxide/water mix every once in a while. It feels like nothing is helping because the pain is still there. Also what the heck are these "U" shaped tabs over my back teeth? PLEASE HELP and I will give you 5 stars best answer.NO STUPID ANSWERS OR "THIS IS TOO LONG".Vicodin contains hydrocodone. Neither acetominophen or hydrocodone work for me, and I don't know why.
A: In addition to any of the pain meds you are taking you need to mix a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water and swish it around the affected areas every 2 hours. You have a infection called a pericornitis. Food gets packed under the gums of these partially erupted teeth. It is a nice warm moist place for the bacteria to fester and cause inflammation and infection. The rinsing will flush out the area and take down the swelling and pain. Perhaps even a different antibiotic may be needed. In 2-3 days things should be much better. Good luck.

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