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Is sprite bad for you

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All soft drinks are bad for you, because they are what's called "empty calories," meaning they have no nutritional value. There are 190 calories and 38g of carbs in 12 ounces of Sprite, but no vitamins or minerals. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-sprite-bad-for-you ]
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Is sprite bad for you?
Yes, any type of pop is bad for you. Not only does it contain sugars that can rot your teeth and empty/unhealthy calories, pop can also dehydrate you. Here are a few of the health effects that drinking too much pop can cause: Obesity Tooth ...
What is a sprite?
A sprite is simply a 2 dimensional image. The trick with sprites is that they always face the camera, they're always flat to the viewer like cardboard cutouts, so you can fake 3d effects with them, trees, people in scenes, volumetrics... bu...
Why is Sprite bad for you?
it is not bad for you. it is probably highon sugars or sodium, but it does not have caffine. It is good for you when you throw up or when your stomach hurts. - Katharine Good when you are sick does not mean it is good for you. Sprite is my ...

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Is sprite bad for you?
Q: Sprite is the ONLY drink that i drink on a daily basis. i usually have 3 or 4 cans a day, no other drink. What does it cause or harm?
A: any type of pop is bad for you but atleast its healthier than coke and pepsi and root beer.
Is Diet Pepsi or Sprite Zero bad for you?
Q: Do the ingredients in them cause short term or long term problems? I love both drinks but I have always had suspicion.
A: They are not more bad for you than other drinks.Even better, these diet-products are better for you, it is a myth that diet-products are cancer repulsing.
Is sprite just as bad as coca cola, when it comes to your bones?
Q: I do weight bearing exercise, and I don't drink it every day. Between 1-4 times a week, usually one of those bottles with 2.5 servings in them. I figure sprite has to be a little better, because there is no caffeine, but I am not positive about this. Help?
A: Caffeine has a lot to do with it haha... Caffeine sucks calcium out of your bones. So sprite is better in that sense. Also doesn't stain your teeth as bad. Watch out for the hfcs though.

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