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Is iced tea or soda better for you

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Iced tea is a much better choice than soda. It is mostly water and if unsweetened, contains no calories. Soda (regular not diet) is full of sugar and artificial chemicals that are bad for your health and your teeth. Choose tea over soda ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-iced-tea-or-soda-better-for-you ]
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Is diet soda and Iced tea better for you?
In a recent study, researchers measured the total acidic effect that popular soft drinks had on tooth structure. Conventional wisdom supposed that diet sodas had no refined sugar (fructose or sucrose) and should not harm your teeth. The res...
What tastes better hot tea, ice tea, juice, soda, or coffee??
coffee first thing in the morning, ice tea in the heat of the day in summer or hot tea in the chill of winter, orange juice over ice for breakfast and a nice cold glass of soda after work!
How to Make an Iced Tea Soda
・ 1 Purchase your ingredients. They are easy and simple and you can even find them at most gas stations... ・ 2 Fill a glass 3/4 of the way full with your iced tea. ・ 3 Add the soda water to the remaining 1/4 of the glass. ・ 4 Slice the lemo...

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is sweet ice tea better for you then soda?
Q: Is sweet ice tea better for you then soda?
A: not really hon, if you put loads of sugar in...but if you ice green tea or herbal it might be better for you..and try steviayou need to drink lots of water!
Is drinking Lipton Ice Tea better for you than drinking soda?
Q: Does it have any health benefits? And if it doesn't is it at least better to drink than soda?
A: First off, Im assuming you are talking about straight iced tea without added sugar.Well for one, tea isnt loaded with sugar like sodas are, so thats a plus.Also tea is supposed to have antioxidants which is beneficial to your health.
Is iced tea healthier than soda, or is it just a substitute that's not healthy but a little better than soda?
A: The gas in soda can cause stomach and intestinal distress in many people. Sugar in soda can cause spikes in blood sugar levels that leads to diabetes. Artificial sweeteners and flavorings can have noxious effects to many people.With tea, you can make it as strong as you like, using a healthy sweetener if you like. Agave syrup, for example, tastes great and has a low glycemic index.There is little question that iced tea is definitely healthier than soda.

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