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Is brown rice fattening

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Brown rice contains 216 calories and 2 grams of fat. Ask away! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-brown-rice-fattening ]
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Is brown rice with cottage cheese fattening?
Here's a newsflash. A hamburger isn't fattening-provided it's about the size of a scone! Food is all about amounts and ratios. However, as a meal, no brown rice and cottage cheese isn't fattening compared to most. Add some fresh, uncooked v...

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Is brown rice fattening? Does it have any health risks?
Q: If you have diabetes and hypertention, is it okay 2 eat?
A: Rice doesn't have any fat in it until you add it.You need to count your carbs as always with a diabetic diet and and make any adjustments necessary.Good luck.
I was told that brown rice was more healthy and less fattening than white rice? True or False?
A: Brown rice is healthier, since it doesn't have the outer layer (where all the vitamins are) stripped away. The calories are basically the same as white rice, but because of the higher fiber content it may cause less of a blood sugar spike (this reduction in spikes is why people lose weight on lo-carb diets).
Brown rice and wholemeal bread?
Q: I am trying to lose a lot of weight, but I need food that would keep me full. I can't take veggies plain, I just can't swallow them. Anyway to make them taste better? Because I know putting dressings will make them VERY fattening.Is brown rice less fattening and more filling then white rice?And is wholemeal bread less fattening too?Thanks in advance!Hey people, thanks a lot. I cycle. Is that good? Because I want to lose inches from my waist.
A: from a caloric content point of view, and when we're talking equal weight:the calories in brown rice are the same as white riceand the calories in wholemeal bread are the same as white bread.the only difference is the glycemic index, and the micronutrient composition. brown rice and whole meal bread are healthier, but they won't make a difference when it comes to calories. and for those who are going to say "foods with low GI will help you lose weight more than food with high GI", sorry, that's wrong. if you don't believe me, just google "latest study on glycemic index"... and you'll find that there isn't much of difference. the only people who ever lost weight from switching to low GI carbs, are those who replaced 12 candy bars and a cup of sugar with 1/2 an apple... they went down in calories drastically, and that's why they lost weight. not because of the GI switch.hope that helps

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