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Can you drink rain water

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You can drink rainwater but you have to consider how you are catching it. It can become contaminated before you drink it. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-drink-rain-water ]
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Can you drink rain water?
Perhaps if you can harvest the rain... Rainwater harvesting is the collection and storage of rain from roofs or from a surface catchment for future use. The water is generally stored in rainwater tanks or directed into mechanisms which rech...
Is Rainwater Safe To Drink?
Yes it is better to drink because no salt fluoride or chlorine an there is only natural minerals in the rain water.
Is it safe to drink rainwater?
The detrimental effects of rain are pretty minute in most areas of the world. You do see the effects of a large amount of rainwater in lakes and stuff. What happens is all the other stuff that is held within rainwater is left behind while t...

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Tap water, bottled water or should I just drink rain water?
Q: I have been solely drinking bottled water for years. I heard recently about carcinogens in the water from the plastic in the bottles. How much of a danger is it? Am I better off just drinking tap water? Whats the danger in drinking tap? I thought about drinking rain water by catching it from the gutters and then boiling it and storing it in glass bottles. Would that be my best move?
A: A lot of bottled water is just tap water, so make sure you know its source.I personally love the refreshing clean taste of reverse osmosis water. It's the best water out there. Dasani or Aquafina are both RO water examples.
Re drinking water - is filtered rain water safe to drink?
Q: We have had unprecedented amounts of rain here in Gloucester, England resulting in the worst flooding in living memory. Now the news is reporting that our water supply has been contaminated and they will need to shut down the purification plant later today. Therefore everyone here is panic buying water and being restricted as to how much they can buy. We have two huge holding tanks of rain water and I wondered if anyone knows whether these would be safe to drink if I first boiled the water, then passed it through a brita filter. I know this seems an excessive response but people here are just making the situation worse by filling up baths, sinks and every available pot, jug and jar and thus making the situation much worse as we will run out of water quicker as a result. I'm quite happy to wash in the water from our tanks once it has been boiled but I do drink a lot of water and just wonder if it's going to be safe!
A: i would think if you boiled it and filtered it it would remove all the pollutants that it had pickjed up along the way. Good thinking!
Is it bad to drink rain water?
Q: Let's say I wanted to quit the faucet and collect all the rain I've been getting. Anythin wrong with just gulping that down instead of paying for my H2O?
A: not sure about the real safety issue but here's my experienceI went to a 3rd world country once and they collect rain water in a very big pot and then they would drink it, and since I lived with them, I did the same, and it was quite fine for me, even though once in a while I would see some things that don't belong there in the water.

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