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Are bananas good to eat before bed

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They help prevent you from getting cramps because of all the potassium.But bananas also contain triptophen so they can make you sleepy as well. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/are-bananas-good-to-eat-before-bed ]
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Are bananas are good to eat before bed?
Actualy no. No fruit is good to eat before you go to bed because the acids and other stuff in the fruit gives you bad dreams. I know this sound uttery rediculus but it is true! I ate a banana before i went to bed and had a very scary dream....

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Why eat a banana before bed?
Q: I was told that eating a banana before bed is really good if one is working out and hopes to bulk up. Does anyone know why?Prevents your body from burning off muscle while you sleep?
A: How many times it was said that having some food before bed is unhealthy. But it turns out that some foods eaten before sleep are not unhealthy at all, but, on the contrary, are very beneficial. They are not just harmless to our organisms - they help us to fall asleep faster. Usually such foods contain such elements as serotonin and melatonin in their chemical composition, as well as magnesium. The last one relaxes body muscles, which facilitates a pleasant falling asleep.Why Eating Banana Before Sleep?The most “serotonized” fruit is banana. It means that it is not forbidden to be taken in before sleep.
Did anyone ever hear that eating bananas before bed gives you nightmares?
Q: My dad used to tell me that when I was a kid and to this day I don't do it. I know it's an old wives tale but has anyone heard it but me? My husband laughed at me when I told him.
A: LOL You husband laughed because what your father said is crazy.You must have love bananas a lot. The only way to stop you from doing it was telling you that.IF THAT WERE TRUE THEN MONKEYS HAVE NIGHTMARES TOO BECAUSE THATS ALL THEY EAT.
I heard if you eat a banana before you go to bed you will get a good night sleep. Is this true?
A: Yes that is true..Bananas might be the best sleeping rememdy ever..at least for me and its natural : )

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