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What if a testicle lump hurts can it still be cancer

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Yes it could still be cancer, but is more likely to be an Infection of the scrotal sac, or possibly mumps [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-if-a-testicle-lump-hurts-can-it-still-be-cancer ]
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What if a testicle lump hurts can it still be cancer
Yes it could still be cancer, but is more likely to be an Infection of the scrotal sac, or possibly mumps

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Can a small lump on my left testicle be nothing to worry about?
Q: I am going to the doctors anyway to get it checked up but I am really worried it will be cancer. I am 15, it is a tiny lump which hurt about four days ago but no longer hurts but is still the same size. I was wondering if anyone would know what is the likeliness it is cancer and could it be nothing at all?
A: I had something similar. I let the (female!) doc feel it and the result was 'nothing to worry about, but if it gets bigger, come back'. You should do the same.
can calcification of the testicle lead to cancer?
Q: hiabout 3 weeks ago i found a lump on my right testicle. i went to my doctor and he said it was an infection. i then had the worst infection that i have ever had in my life. i am 34. i spent a lot of the time in bed with a fever. i had back pain and stomach pain. now i still have a cough and i keep having dizzy spells i also still get lower back pain. i went for an ultrasound and i was told that i have calcification's on my testicle. since that scan i have found about three more lumps and they are attached to my testicle. when i touch the largest one it hurts and i feel like some one has kicked me there all the time.i am due to get the proper results from my doctor on wednesday but i am worried about these other lumps that have appeared. there is a history of cancer in the family so this doesn't help my nerves.what i want to know is:could it be cancer?if not what do they do about the calcification's?will i have these lumps for the rest of my life?any help would be great as i am worried about this.thankskind regardsChris
A: MT ( microlithiasis of the testicle ) is another term used for nodules of calcium in the testicle. If you read the following article (reference 1} you will see that according to studies done 40% are associated with tumours some of which may turn malignant.In the second website that I have quoted below they say testicular trauma can give rise to calcification and an association with cancer is not known.In the third website the article says that there is no clear association between testicular calcification and cancer.All 3 documentations are from reliable sources. I would summarise by saying that if there is a single calcification it may be due to some trauma but if there are multiple foci then further investigations have to be done.I am a medical doctor.
painful lump.?
Q: I have just gotten over a yeast infection that I have had for over a month. I went to the doctor & it cleared up after a week. Before finding out that i had my infection me &my boyfriend were still having sex. About 2 weeks ago he told me that he found a little lump on one of his testicles&now he says that his testicles hurt so much that he can bearly walk and gets a little nauses when he stands for too long. His testicles have swelled up and if its not hurting it is sore. He also gets a little pain in his lower right stomach. I know i shouldnt be thinking the worst but i really think its cancer. He went to the doctor today and they told him that it might be an infection and they gave him meds 4 two weeks&if it doesnt get better then he needs to get more testing. He thinks that i just gave him a yeast infection, but i dont think so. it wouldnt be painful! what do u think could be wrong with him? what kind of infection can cause those symtoms. PS we both have been tested NO std's!!!lol... to the poster who watched degrassi... thats whats getting me so worried is because spinner had THOSE exact symptoms... im just so scared right now because he has all the symptoms.. the doctor he has now is actually one of the best in my state. he told my boyfriend that if the symptoms dont get better then they'll run some tests. but i dont understand why he would tell him that it might be an infection. what kind of infection can cause that pain? i dont understand why they didnt just test him now to be sure
A: a yeast infection is an STD. if he is getting treated for a yeast infection then you need to be too because the ping pong effect can happen!Shawn C.

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